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In order to power our Crowd Calendar and Personalized Touring Plans tools, we have tracked theme park hours at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Orlando for years at Recently, we enhanced our Crowd Tracker tool so that it will send you an email when park hours change for dates that you specify.  (When you “Add a Trip” on your dashboard, the dates of your trip will automatically be tracked.)

To get to the tool, visit a Crowd Calendar and then click on the “Crowd & Hours Tracker” link at the left. The Crowd & Park Hours Tracker has a simple display of the dates, crowd levels, and park hours for the dates that you specify:

Sample Crowd & Park Hours Tracker Page on

When Disney and Universal update park hours, we generally notice the changes within 24 hours and then incorporate those changes into our systems. In turn, you will receive an email notification about the change. Here is a sample email notification:

Example Email from Crowd & Park Hours Tracker

As in the past, you also receive a notification if we update our predicted crowd level for any day that you are tracking.

The Crowd & Park Hours Tracker (including email notifications) is only available to subscribers.



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