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PHOTOS – EPCOT’s Leave a Legacy Is Resurrected

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For guests who took part in the Leave a Legacy program at EPCOT some 20 years ago, it is time to rejoice. The Leave a Legacy photos have returned after a two year relocation. Now these tiles of images taken over 20 years ago greet guests before entering the park.

The new wall of Leave a Legacy tiles is taller than the original monuments and line the left side of EPCOT’s main entrance. The myriad of color gives it a new look and matches the newly painted ticket booths. It’s nice to see some color rather than the drab silver and black tiles that were the original style.

Leave a Legacy – New Look and Location, Far Left of the Main Entrance
Leave a Legacy – New Look and Location, Far Left of the Main Entrance

Guests can scan a QR code at the Leave a Legacy wall, visit Guest Relations, or use the website to locate a tile. There is also an explanation of the Leave a Legacy program for those unfamiliar with it. It is interesting to note that this explanation includes the use of EPCOT in all capital letters as well as Epcot.

The Leave a Legacy program offered EPCOT guests the opportunity to commemorate the dawn of the third millennium by contributing their images to the Epcot legacy sculpture.

EPCOT is a park that celebrates the world – a place that invites collaboration and connections, where people from all cultures can come together and share their stories. Guests that participated in the program shared their images with us, creating a beautiful representation of EPCOT’s global community. These panels continue to celebrate the spirit of optimism that is passed from one generation to the next, a living testament to the promise of tomorrow.
Leave a Legacy Find An Image Instructions
Leave a Legacy Find An Image Instructions

On a whim I decided to check to see if I could locate the *NSYNC tile; it requires a first and last name. So I tried “Justin Timberlake” and got a result. Eventually I tried all five members of the band, and everyone has a tile,… everyone that is except Joey Fatone. We’ll scope out these tiles and take pictures on our next EPCOT visit, and that ain’t no lie.

Did you ever browse the Leave a Legacy monuments? What do you think of the new set up?

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