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The Legacy Returns – Leave A Legacy Display Is Back at EPCOT

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I have exciting news, especially for those who have been emailing about this topic, wondering just what is going on! The Leave A Legacy tiles have returned to EPCOT! Guests will once again be able to see their faces on those unique tiles that had originally graced the front of EPCOT from 1999 until 2019.

The Leave a Legacy stones started as part of Walt Disney World’s Millennium Celebration and were sold until 2007. These tiles allowed Guests to purchase messages and photos that would be etched in metal and displayed on the large stones that could be found at the front of the park. Then, back in 2019, the Leave a Legacy monoliths were removed from the EPCOT entrance as part of the transformation of the park and the construction of the new entryway. (One that looks much cleaner AND includes that gorgeous new sculpture water feature that ties back to EPCOT’s roots.)

Disney had always stated that they would be moving the tiles to a new location,  just outside the park’s main entrance. But, of course, with all things, these changes take some time. Today, Disney has debuted what the new Leave A Legacy will look like and as you can see, it’s certainly got an updated look! The Leave a Legacy tiles are now found outside the park’s touchpoints and are showcased amid a rainbow of color.

If you have a tile, you’ll also have a new way that you can find it! All you’ll need to do is use your smart phone to scan the QR code that can be found on the Leave a Legacy display. Here this will open up the tile finder search feature, which will provide the coordinates for a specific tile’s location. If you need further assistance, you can always visit Guest Relations.

So….never fear! Your Leave A Legacy tiles are back! As for me….well, I don’t have a tile for myself….but my favorite band, ‘NSYNC does….so I’ll be looking for them here soon!

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5 thoughts on “The Legacy Returns – Leave A Legacy Display Is Back at EPCOT

  • I am so happy to hear the tiles will be back. I purchased one of my son and I when he was only 5… he is now 25 and a new father. Our conversation, at the time, was that someday he will be able to bring his kids here to see it. At the time that didn’t impress him, but now it means so much.

  • can u still make a legacy?…meaning a new one?

    • How can I find my kids tiles?
      Chase and Tyler Dunham

  • Glad for all those who forked out cash to be able to keep seeing what they paid for. But very pleased that these “tombstone” eye-sores are no longer cluttering up the EPCOT entrance.

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