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PHOTOS: Massive Changes at Epcot

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We all knew this day was coming, but now that it is here, it’s something to behold. There are construction walls everywhere inside Future World at Epcot, and the center of the park is closed off. The moment you walk into the front entrance you are faced with your first wall, and it continues on from there. This is not to say Epcot is not enjoyable at the moment, but it is certainly a different atmosphere.

Epcot Construction Spaceship Earth
Epcot Construction Future World East Walkway

The center of Future World is completely closed off as it is being massively transformed. Once this monumental metamorphosis is complete there will be three new lands comprised of what was Future World. The center of Epcot will become World Celebration, Future World West (home of The Land, Seas, and Imagination Pavilion) will become World Nature, and Future World East (Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Mission:SPACE, and Test Track) will become World Discovery.

Epcot Construction Center of Epcot
Epcot Construction Future World West

When you enter Epcot you will need to decide right away if you are heading to Future World East or Future World West. Once you reach Spaceship Earth you will need to head right for West and left for East. Each direction has two new pathways, both of which are former backstage areas not previously open to guests. West’s pathway leads guests over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends. East’s pathway is a little more winding and leads next to the former home of Universe of Energy, which is in the process of becoming Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Epcot Construction Future World East
Epcot Construction Future World East
Epcot Construction Future World East

Future World East is perhaps in the most rough shape of all of Epcot at the moment. Test Track is closed for refurbishment, leaving Mission:SPACE the only attraction in operation. There are a lot of exciting things to come to this part of the park, so whenever you feel frustration at all the walls in this part of the park just think of Space 220 Restaurant and the Play Pavilion that are on their way.

Epcot Construction FastPass Kiosks Near Test Track
Epcot Construction Future World East

The center of Epcot, from the back side of Spaceship Earth to just past the former Fountain of Nations, is completely walled off. This means it takes more time and more steps to get from Future World East over to Future World West. It is also means that exiting the park takes extra steps as well. The park exit is now further to the left when departing the park. It may save you a few steps by departing the park via Future World West.

Epcot Construction Center of Epcot
Epcot Construction Park Exit

It is important to note that World Showcase is relatively unscathed in all of this. Many guests are finding that entering and exiting through International Gateway at World Showcase is a more pleasant experience. Either way, there’s still lots to enjoy at Epcot and even though these new walls make for a less than ideal environment. It is easy to be hopeful about what the future holds for Epcot.

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