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Here are the Polynesian DVC room layouts

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The images below fell off the back of a truck. Here’s a set of studio rooms showing their layouts; the extended room shows an ADA-accessible balcony:

Disney Polynesian Resort DVC Studio layout

Here’s the 2-bedroom bungalow layout. Estimates are that these will rent for a bit less than the King Kamehameha Suite – maybe around $2,500 – $3,000 per night – when they’re available.

Disney Polynesian Bungalow Layout

Three grand is a lot of money for one night in a hotel room. I’m not sure I’d sell my first-born for that. I probably wouldn’t even consider a long-term lease.

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Len Testa

Len Testa is the co-author of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, and has contributed to the Disneyland and Las Vegas Unofficial Guides. Most of his time is spent trying to keep up with the team. Len's email address is You can also follow him on Twitter: @lentesta.

11 thoughts on “Here are the Polynesian DVC room layouts

  • It’s not for everyone, but I would love to stay here and find out for myself. At this point in my life, I don’t like anything about beaches except to look at them. Bora Bora or French Polynesia might be less expensive, but I would rather be a Disney World. To each their own.

  • While I agree with many that the rental cost per night is extreme, it needs to be considered that these are not really designed as rental rooms. And, the DVC points cost is in-line with what a GV at the Grand Floridian would be. So for some points-rich DVC owners, I can see this being a new and different option.

    Where the studios are concerned, a lot of folks apparently don’t use the kitchen amenities at other DVC properties, and from what I’ve read, one-bedrooms everywhere are the slowest to book. So I get that DVD is trying a new model where they’ve eliminated those (frankly, we typically do 1 brs or 2 brs, and as time as passed, we’re relaxing more at the resorts and only doing special events at the parks, or visit for new ride openings)

    For me, I’m not totally convinced I like the trade-off vs. the tons of room that the GVs afford, and the Grand Floridian itself, I can see the appeal of a private plunge pool and the best possible hotel-room view of the fireworks at MK. (Disclosure: We don’t have enough points, at this time, to stay at either the GF 3-bedrooms or the Bungalows for any duration of time that we’d do a Disney vacation).

    Where I’m netting out: I’m actually happy that DVD did something different at the Poly, even if it’s not EXACTLY thrilling to me at the current time, and doesn’t inspire my family to save and buy more points. One other thing to consider – if it’s popular, I hope it makes it easier for us to get into non-home resorts!

    just my .02.. hope it’s useful.. 🙂

  • Sorry, but at that price, all I can think about is the fact that it’s just a bunch of hotel rooms built over a brackish swamp. The more expensive and difficult to visit everything at WDW gets, the harder it is to suspend disbelief and actually feel like I could afford to enjoy myself there. And this is from a decades-long WDW visitor, and a 7-year resident of central FL. Those prices are just laughable. I agree…go to the real tropics–any real tropics–instead.

  • Wow! Good thing you were behind the truck when these plans fell off ;-).

    In all seriousness, thanks for preview. I am floored at the cost and if the rumor that bungalow rental will be average 147 points per night, I can’t see buying any points here….unless Donald tucks you in and Mickey wakes you up…..

  • People accuse us of craziness for being retiree AP holders visiting WDW several times a year from Texas. But for that kind of money, we’ll go to the real Bora Bora.

    • Totally agree! The real Bora Bora is awesome – save your money and go there. You can feed the fish by sliding your glass coffee table open, you can swim in the warm lagoon, and you may even have breakfast delivered by canoe! Poly DVC for one night is approximately the same price as a 6 or 7 day tour in French Polynesia. Spent my honeymoon there 15 years ago – it’s truly a wonderful and unforgettable place. Poly DVC just cannot compare!

      • However, after thinking about it overnight, I’d love to bring the family here IFF (if and only if) money were no object! The floor plans look great and the private plunge pool will likely be a fantastic addition.

  • Thanks for the sneak peek, Len. WOW, clearly there must be a supply of guests for this market but clearly not even for the 1 percent! I wonder how many nights these bungalows will be empty on any given night?

  • Pool deck? Do they have built in hot tubs?

  • Love the bathroom configuration in the studios. I wonder what the bed set up will be. 2 queens and a daybed would be so perfect!

  • Sounds like on a DVC point basis that they will be around the same amount of points per night as a Grand Villa.


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