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Priceline Express Deals: Port Orleans French Quarter and Pop Century

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How about we end this week with a nice batch of new Priceline Express deals?
(I assume you are shaking your head vigorously.)

Let’s get right to it then! Some Express Deals have dropped today that are, in my humble opinion, surprisingly good for July: Port Orleans French Quarter from $100 to $102 almost all throughout the month, along with a smattering of $79 Pop deals at the start of the month and some $77 to $85 deals in the middle.

Check out the deal calendar below for the ones I was able to spot.

Be aware that my oft-repeated warnings apply here: certain day’s deals may only appear when you search for multiple days and sometimes it depends on the dates of the window you search. For example, if I searched for July 1st through July 11th, I saw the French Quarter deal for all of the days. But, if I shortened that window to end on the 9th, there was no deal in the results! So, just remember to wiggle your window.

Also, see our previous posts for many Priceline Express search tips that will help you find these deals and more.

If you find any more deals than we’ve posted here, or are just excited about a French Quarter deal you’ve booked, throw us some beads in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Priceline Express Deals: Port Orleans French Quarter and Pop Century

  • Do you just check back frequently to look for new deals? How would be the best way for me to find deals like this for upcoming stays in August and September? Just check the website daily? Do you post these blog posts often? THANKS for these informative posts!!

    • Hi – My pleasure!

      Because Priceline and/or Disney keeps changing up how they release Express Deals, my sort of go to advice for people is to check 2 or 3 times a week for deals on your dates up until about 6 – 8 weeks out.

      Then I’d start checking every day, as well as keep an eye on Touring Plans chat, and of course here on the blog.

      I try to post Priceline deal blocks as soon as I see them. Lately it is especially important to be ready and to act quickly since the deals don’t seem to last long.

      You can find the previous Priceline posts here using this search link – I try to add tips in most of my posts to help people get the process down:

  • *waves hands* Maaaggggicc!

    Actually, I work hard at comparing all of the star ratings and guest reviews, plus amenities, locations, fees etc. I record them in a spreadsheet I wrote and then created a second sheet that pulls them all out into that calendar automagically for me so I could make these posts easier for people to visualize. (I’m a bit of a spreadsheet nerd.)

    In general, I highly suggest you check out James Rosemergy’s TP blog post on using Hotel Canary, plus I try to add tips and tactics to my own blog posts that might help you strategify your searches.

  • How do you get a spreadsheet like this that tells you the exact resorts and prices for Express Deals?? Whenever I look at Express Deals it won’t tell you the name of the hotel/resort until you buy. TIA!


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