Princess Merida From Disney-Pixar’s Brave Coming to Magic Kingdom and Disneyland

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Artist Concept ©Disney

We’ve previously shared a look at Disney-Pixar’s Brave display from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but today we are here to inform you of the new meet and greet coming to Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. This new meet and greet, opening mid-May, will be located at the Fairytale Garden in Magic Kingdom and near ‘it’s a small world’ at Disneyland. Both areas are to be themed around the Scottish Highlands, which is the setting for the movie. Guests will be able to partake in a variety of activities, such as archery lessons, before meeting the princess. Princess Merida will be accompanied by three bear cubs (performed by special puppeteers).

Magic Kingdom Character Updates: On April 15, 2012, Rapunzel from Tangled will move to the porch of the Adventureland Veranda and start appearing in the daily Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade. The extremely popular Flynn Rider will return with Rapunzel throughout the summer. Also beginning April 15, 2012, Ariel and Prince Eric will begin meeting guests under the glass gazebo along the side of the Adventureland Veranda (across from the Swiss Family Treehouse).

Are you excited for the arrival of Merida, Disney-Pixar’s first princess? How about the return of Flynn Rider at the Magic Kingdom? If so, make sure to check out the new meet and greet updates this summer!

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7 thoughts on “Princess Merida From Disney-Pixar’s Brave Coming to Magic Kingdom and Disneyland

  • All I can say is that Flynn Rider had better be hot. The Aladdins have been a terrible let down with their silly hair 😛 Something for the Mums, please!

  • Very exciting news! My daughter and I are visiting at the end of May with my mother for her first visit. I hope we get to meet Merida. We met Rapunzel and Flynn in December during MVMCP which made my daughter’s day!

  • NOOOOOO! We will be in Magic Kingdom on April 17th and 18th, and on the 18th my daughter will be wearing her Rapunzel outfit, oh tell me this won’t ruin everything!!! Our plan was to arrive at 8:30 and make a beeline to Rapunzel to be the first group to see her. My daughter is so excited to dance with her around the table as seen on youtube. Will this be completely different now??? Not cool, Disney. Not cool.

    • Sadly, that is the case. Both Rapunzel & Flynn will be outside of the Adventureland Veranda having a normal meet and greet – but at least Flynn will also be meeting guests!

  • I’m so excited that Flynn is coming back! I went to the parks shortly before Tangled was released in theaters and by the next year he was gone. I wonder why they removed such a popular character so soon after the movie became popular.

  • Finally, after 2 years of trying, my DD will finally get to meet Rapunzel and Flynn!

    • Nice! It’s very exciting that Flynn Rider will be rejoining Rapunzel, as many guests were upset when he left.


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