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Resort Information: Yacht and Beach Club – Miscellaneous Information

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We are beginning a new series taking a comprehensive look at all of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels. There will be several posts on each resort looking at pools, dining, shopping, and other amenities.

Resort Location

The Beach and Yacht Club Resorts are located along the banks of Crescent Lake, which itself is adjacent to the International Gateway of Epcot. Beach Club is the closest resort to Epcot with Yacht Club attached to the Beach Club at its western end.

Transportation Options

There are many transportation options available at the Beach and Yacht Club Resorts. One of the more beneficial traits is that there are several locations within walking distance. Epcot’s International Gateway, which is in World Showcase in between the UK and France pavilions, is a short walk away. If visiting other resorts is of interest, the Boardwalk Inn, Swan, and Dolphin are each very nearby, also along Crescent Lake. The other resorts can be reached by walking along the boardwalk in front of the Beach and Yacht Club that forms a loop with the Boardwalk Inn. Although a longer walk, about three quarters of a mile, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is also accessible via an even and well lit walking path.

A Friendship boat on its way to Epcot.
View of the Friendship boat dock from the Yacht Club lobby.
The base of the lighthouse, which serves as the boat stop.
A Friendship boat in dock.








A second option for traversing the distance to Epcot and Hollywood Studios is the Friendship Boats. These boats sail from Hollywood Studios to the Swan and Dolphin, Beach and Yacht, Boardwalk, and Epcot, then return along the reverse path. While the boats are not always faster than walking they do save tired feet. The boats can be boarded at the lighthouse that sits at the end of a pier opposite the entrance to the Yacht Club. If you are traveling from the Beach Club to Epcot, walking west to the pier, down the pier, boarding the boat, stopping at the Boardwalk, and sailing back east to the International Gateway will often take longer than simply walking to Epcot.

The Yacht Club bus stop.
The Yacht Club bus stop from the lobby. The stop is under the tree on the left.
The foot bridge to the Beach Club bus stop.
The Beach Club bus stop. The parking lot opens to the right.








Should you wish to visit The Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, or Downtown Disney buses are available in front of each resort. The Yacht Club buses are found on the opposite side of the entrance portico from the Lobby. The buses servicing the Beach Club are nearer the parking lot, which are across the entrance portico and over a footbridge. Many buses will stop at both resorts and occasionally another resort such as the Boardwalk on their way to the park.

The final transportation option is to drive your own car. The parking areas for the Beach and Yacht Clubs are almost identical large lots. It is not possible to park near to your room at either resort so you must walk across the small river that runs between the resorts and the parking areas to access your car. Valet parking is also available at both resorts if that is preferable.


For those looking for extra activities, the Beach and Yacht Club Resorts have a multitude of options. Along the boardwalk that runs in front of the resorts, bicycles and boats are both available for rent. Bicycles made exploring the nearby resorts easy for only about $9 per hour and the boats allow for a relaxing journey around Crescent Lake. Small boats can be rented for as little as $24 per half hour or, if you have a party of up to 10, pontoon boats can be found for $42 per half hour.

Bicycle rentals near Yacht Club.
Bayside Marina
Mini Speedboats for rent.








The Bayside Marina is also where special excursions can be found. An Albatross Treasure Cruise, much like a pirate-themed adventure, will escort children ages 4-10 around Crescent Lake looking for “treasure” for about $28 plus tax. Catch and release fishing trips can also be arranged at the marina as well as cruises that include food and beverage packages. Fishing excursions cost $270 for a two hour tour and $455 for four hours while the specialty cruises have varying prices depending on what type of package is arranged.

Beach Volleyball Court at the Beach Club
Table Games near the Beach
Tennis Court
Temporary Health Club site at the Beach Club








Also near the boardwalk in front of the Beach Club is a beach volleyball court and, near the water slide, table tennis, billiards, and foosball tables are found. A tennis court is available at the far end of the Yacht Club for those who are fans of the hardcourt. There is also an arcade and health club on property, although the health club proper is under renovation at this writing and is temporarily in the Beach Club Solarium. For the kids and kids-at-heart there is an arcade on site very near the usual spot of the health club.

Campfire Sing-a-long
Movie on the beach
Wedding gazebo








On the beach to the east of the waterslide, which is easily found as it is shaped like a sunken ship, is where two very nice nighttime activities are located. At 7pm nightly guests can participate in a Campfire Sing-a-long followed at 8:30pm by a movie on the beach. Both events are complimentary and do not require a reservation.

For those who find the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts romantic enough to commit forever, there is a wedding gazebo situated toward the west end of the Yacht Club. Surrounded by flowers with a view opening toward the lighthouse and lake, there are far less pretty places in which to ‘tie the knot.’


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3 thoughts on “Resort Information: Yacht and Beach Club – Miscellaneous Information

  • Looks like this will be a great series, so thank you for doing it. I especially appreciate the information on transportation. One thing I always find myself wondering is what resort hotel is best for those relying on Disney transportation. I know that the Unofficial Guide has that nifty chart with average times, but I would love to hear more on the best resort for Disney transportation including which routes or modes are the most pleasant or whatever folks care to share. Thanks!

  • This post made me so homesick for the BC. Thank you for reiterating why I never stay anywhere else.

  • My family and I love staying at the Yacht & Beach Clubs. We had stayed at many Disney resorts until coming here because of a reservation mix up. Boy were we ever grateful for the mix up because we found our new home and have stayed more than 10 times here. The ease of getting to and from EPCOT and HollyWood Studios, Storm Along Bay, and the Boardwalk in general are our top reasons but there are many more. That being said our main complaint though about this hotel is when there are Conventions and other large parties that take over large sections of the lawn and the beach for their gatherings. Especially in the evening hours. The guests of some of these gatherings have a tendency to become inebriated, loud, and obnoxious and somewhat ruin it for guests hanging out by the pools in the evening hours. They also tend to book Club Level rooms and take over the Club Rooms like the Regatta. This seems to happen at the other hotels on occasion as well but I have run into it more at the Y&BC more than the others. Maybe I’m just traveling at the wrong times when we come here. Even with that complaint we wouldn’t stay anywhere else, at least not at this time.


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