Resort Restaurant Carryout Is a Delight!

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With reduced seating, local regulations, and general discomfort about dining indoors, many restaurants around the country have embraced takeout as a way to increase sales and give customers more options.

In a recent blog post, a reader question asked if doing a “to go” order was an option at WDW theme park restaurants. When we asked at various restaurants at Magic Kingdom, we were told that wasn’t an option, and that mobile order from a quick-service location was the way to get food to go. Because theme parks have such large numbers of people at any given time, it makes sense that there isn’t a carryout option from in-park restaurants, but what about resorts, which tend to have fewer people for mealtimes?

Ordering carryout from Disney resort restaurants has been hit or miss in the past. For instance, you could go to the bar next to Sanaa and order food to go if they weren’t too busy. Now it appears that Sanaa has created a dedicated takeout register outside of the restaurant.

Of course this means bread service to go has become part of our new reality!

We’ve heard other restaurants at Disney resort hotels are offering this service, and that you can place an order on site or call ahead. (If you’re placing an order on site, you’ll receive a text message letting you know when your order is ready, if you do not feel comfortable waiting inside a building.)

Is this Disney’s best-kept secret? What Disney resort hotel restaurants would you want to do carryout from? Let us know in the comments.

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One thought on “Resort Restaurant Carryout Is a Delight!

  • August 21, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    I would love to see a verified list of resort restaurants offering this. When we visited in July we got carryout feom the Wave and Trattoria. However the experience at both was different. Trattoria seemed better equipped to do it, while at the Wave it very much seemed that they didn’t have their process streamlined. In fact one day they allowed it and the next they told us they could not do carryout. I’m hoping things get a little more streamlined there and at more restaurants, as we would very much like to take advantage of this more often on future trips. Also how do you find a phone number to call in an order to these restaurants? We couldn’t really find anything posted online so we had to visit in person both times.


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