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REVIEW: New Donut Shop and Waffles Booths Now Open at EPCOT 2020 Food and Wine Festival

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The season of cozy comfort food is upon us. The 2020 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival is different than any previous year. It has been running since EPCOT reopened in July, and only offers booths–no concerts, no seminars–and, not all the booths opened in July. The two latest booths to open this year are the Donut Shop booth and the Waffles booth. Let’s check them out.

The Donut Shop booth debuted last year, but with a completely different menu. This year the menu is simplified and less inspired. Despite the lack of creativity with the menu, this booth will satisfy your craving for donuts. If you’re a chocolate fan, go for the Double Chocolate Donut Holes with Chocolate Drizzle.

Double Chocolate – Donut Shop Booth EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Want something colorful and a little creative? Go for the Sprinkle Burst Donut Holes with Purple Drizzle. The colorful sprinkles and purple drizzle do not add any flavor, other than additional sugary sweetness. The donut holes themselves are classic plain cake.

Sprinkle Burst – Donut Shop Booth EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

If you want some fall flavors then the Apple Fritter Donut Holes with Salted Maple Drizzle are an absolute must. Personally this would be my favorite.

Apple Fritter – Donut Shop Booth EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Each serving is $4.00 and comes with five donut holes, which is a very satisfying serving for one person, or easily shared between two people. The Donut Shop is located near Test Track.

Waffles Booth EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

Over toward World Showcase, at the festival courtyard near Future World West, is the simply named Waffles Booth. Here you can choose between two waffles. Both a fairly simple and easy for Cast Members to put together. The Belgian Waffle served with Warm Chocolate Ganache and Whipped Cream is rich and sure to satisfy any chocolate fan. The Belgian Waffle served with Berry Compote and Whipped Cream is very sweet, but a great option if you want lots of fruit flavor.

Each waffle is $4.25, and is a mini size that can be cut into about 5-6 bites. Between the two booths, we prefer the Donut Shop for its variety and easy to share portions.

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Have you been to EPCOT for the 2020 Food and Wine Festival? Which booth sounds better to you?


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