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Snacks Around the World Showcase – Japan

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Mickey Pretzel and Plastic Cheese
Mickey Pretzel and Plastic Cheese. Perfection.

When Epcot enters the conversation, the first thing many people mention is eating (or drinking) around the world. While there are many worthy restaurants scattered around the World Showcase with a wide variety of different foods to try, there are also many pre-packaged snacking alternatives to tempt an adventurous diner.

In addition to interesting snacks to be eaten while in the park, those packaged snacks make great souvenirs. They are relatively inexpensive, won’t take up much space in luggage, and make a different sort of present to bring home.

Instead of just showing the different options, I decided it would be much more interesting to turn snacking into a challenge. Since the World Showcase has so many options, there had to be some parameters in the snacking quest. There are 11 countries represented in the World Showcase portion of Epcot, which could get expensive quickly if you are to get something in each country. In addition, since the point was trying new things, I would avoid things that are readily available in the United States or things that aren’t particularly strange. Finally, I wanted it to be something I was actually willing to try.

So, here are the rules for the World Showcase Snacking Challenge:

  • No snacks over $10; preferably less than $5
  • As unusual as possible
  • Something I personally would eat

Let’s get started!

While this may be debatable, Japan presents the most interesting of options for packaged snacks. They definitely have the largest selection, with the Mitsukoshi department store having an entire section of snacks, candies, and drink options. Because of the wealth of options, I headed there first, even though it’s actually in the middle of the World Showcase.

Lush greenery and a Japanese Style Building
Approaching the Japan Pavilion


Japan is absolutely gorgeous, with meticulously maintained trees and a Zen garden that is always perfect-looking.

Japan Shrine
Five Story Pagoda. Be sure to catch the drumming here!


While there are several restaurants here, we are interested in snacks, so it’s time to head to Mitsukoshi.

Entrance to Mitsukoshi Department store at Epcot's World Showcase
Mitsukoshi is a great place to wait out an afternoon rainstorm.

Mitsukoshi is a large international department store that has its headquarters in Japan, and has been around since 1673. The Mitsukoshi in Epcot’s World Showcase is the only one in North America. Inside you will find an assortment of collectables from manga or anime, plus Japanese characters popular in America, including Pokémon and Hello Kitty. The items change regularly, so it’s always worth a quick look.

Since it’s a department store, there are various sections that flow into each other, and at the very end, you enter the snack area.

Dishes and Snack Area of Mitsukoshi at Epcot, the perfect Epcot Snacks
From dishes to things to put in them, this place has it all.

The bowls and plates they have are absolutely adorable, and there’s generally a sale section to find a good deal or two.

Candy Table Japan, containing Epcot Snacks and other goodies
This is a table full of candy… too many options!

I usually pick up a variety of candies when I visit, because I’m a bit candy obsessed. However, the point of our challenge was to try new things, so I didn’t even look (so as not to be tempted).

a variety of items on shelves, which are epcot snacks from Japan
There is an entire alcove that contains baskets simply filled with different snacks.

The options for this challenge are almost endless. There’s nuts, crackers, cookies, chips, and things I simply didn’t recognize.

Hello Kitty Crackers, a epcot snack from japan
How adorable are these Hello Kitty rice crackers?!

Even Hello Kitty is featured on snacks! She appears on boxes of cookies, crackers, bowls, and even chocolate-filled marshmallows.


Peas and Nuts and dried squid at epcot
Tuna Jerky? I’ll give that one a pass.

There are many options that are spicy, including sriracha and wasabi flavors of dried peas or rice crackers.


Hot Squid, dried snack, from epcot
Hot dried squid. This is not even remotely appetizing.

There are quite a few seafood flavors, including shrimp flavored chips and actual dried squid and dried fish.


Bun Shaped epcot snacks, green tea rice cake
Varied filled rice cakes, in many, many flavors.

These things are called rice cakes, but are very different from what I usually think of as rice cakes. They are gelatinous, and each filled with something different. Since I am unable to speak or read Japanese, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s inside. Sometimes the pictures are helpful… but not always. On the back of each snack there’s an English label that has been added, listing ingredients and calorie counts, and sometimes this can help you guess what you might be getting.


Green Tea Snack Japan
Green tea flavor was very popular, appearing in a wide variety of items, including these rice cakes and even Kit-Kat candy bars!

Luckily the green tea flavor spells out directly what it is, since the picture isn’t really helpful.


Pocky, epcot snacks from Japan, popular
Pocky, which has become known in America, in tons of flavors and sizes.


So how was I supposed to make a decision? I stood in front of the racks and picked things up and put them back down, and generally felt overwhelmed. I took a break from snacks to focus briefly on the soft drink options.

Japan Drinks
Tons of drink options, including green tea (of course). See the little bottle with the pull ring on the top? Next to the pale blue one? That is AMAZING. One of my favorites.


As usual, a variety of options that change frequently adorn a table next to the snack alcove.

Ramune soda, near the epcot snacks in japan
Ramune soda comes in many flavors, and they all share one thing in common… a marble seal.


Ramune soda is a fun Japanese soda, and what makes it unique is it is sealed by gas pressure pushing up against a marble. To open the soda, you push the marble down, releasing the pressure, which lets you drink.

Ramune Sign at Epcot Japan, advertising soda sealed with a marble and opened by pushing the marble down breaking the seal.
Helpful sign posted near the display of Ramune soda.

I wonder how many people asked questions about Ramune before they printed and framed that information sheet?


After standing and staring for an extended amount of time, I finally picked up ninja chips. I read the back to see what the ingredients were to try to guess at what flavor ninja could be, when a helpful Cast Member came over to see if I needed help. Ninja chips are apparently squid flavored. I’m so glad he stopped by to help! With a bit of assistance, I picked out a package of rice crackers, since the Cast Member assured me I would enjoy it if I liked sweet things.

Package of Rice Crackers, epcot snacks
Rice crackers, in soy sauce flavor, coated with sugar

The rice crackers are apparently soy sauce flavored, and sweetened by large sugar crystals. This snack costs $4.99, which works with my budget for this challenge.


On my way out, I also snagged another snack to try, since Japan is the most snack heavy of the countries represented in the World Showcase.

Red Bean Paste Fish Bun
Red bean paste filled, fish shaped bun. Yum?

Red bean paste is common in Japanese desserts and snacks, and it’s not something that’s commonly eaten here. Perfect!


On my way to the registers, I took a couple of photos to show some of the candy options (while still avoiding looking closely to avoid purchasing anything!)

Candy table in Epcot's Japan shop
A variety of candies, mostly chocolate, including some Mario gummies and a special edition Kit-Kat

Mario candy might make a great treat to bring back to your children, if you are doing a solo trip to Walt Disney World. Or yourself, for that matter.

Candy and snack table
So many options, so little time

Apparently gummy candy is super-popular in Japan, as there are a huge variety of flavors.


Now, it’s time to give the snacks a try! First up:  Red Bean Paste Fish Bun

Fish Bean Paste Close Up
It’s so cute!

It’s really cute, and smells quite good. The consistency of the outside is like other pre-packaged snack cakes, and is slightly greasy.

Cut Fish Bean Paste
Cross-section of the fish

After giving it several bites to win me over, I gave up. The texture was really, really strange, and all I could think of was beans (like refried beans). It had a similar texture to mashed beans, but the taste was completely different. Even if the texture was off-putting, I could have gotten past that if the interior was amazing, but it simply wasn’t. It was too strange for my tastes, but wasn’t completely horrible.


Even though I didn’t care for it, I am glad I tried something different. On to part two of the challenge!

One rice cracker
Individually packaged rice cracker

The rice crackers are individually packaged, which makes it easier to enjoy without the snack going stale. It is very, very crispy, and hard to break in half.

Half of rice cracker
Half of a rice cracker

These are quite tasty! Even though there’s huge sugar crystals, the sweetness does not overwhelm, likely because of the saltiness of the soy sauce flavor. The crackers are very, very crunchy, almost hard to chew in fact. Even so, it was quite enjoyable, and I will probably be getting these again when I run out.

So what do you think? See anything else in the pictures that you would want to try? Think that the hot dried squid would be amazing? Let me know in the comments!

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Katie McNair

Katie McNair was born and raised in Central Florida. She grew up visiting Disney World as often as she could manage. Her favorite park is Epcot, and her favorite attraction is Living with the Land. Katie currently teaches 7th grade language arts.

12 thoughts on “Snacks Around the World Showcase – Japan

  • Next time you are there try the cotton candy with pop rocks in it. I can’t remember what it was called. I had to ask the cashier to help me find it. It was grape flavored and in a small pouch that didn’t have any English on it. But we get it every time we go now. It is so good!

    • They have cotton candy and pop rocks?! Oh, my goodness, that sounds right up my alley. I am totally going to have to search it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • We were just there last week. I enjoyed a package of shrimp flavored crisps. Those were good. I also had a blue soda with a marble in it. The cashier helped my son open it as it was a little confusing. It was fun and the soda tasted like cream soda. Thanks for the story!

    • I’m glad you were able to enjoy the shrimp chips! I’m not a fan… 🙂 I do love the ramune sodas as well. My favorite is the orange flavored one, but the blue is probably my second favorite.

  • Occasionally when i visit they will have boxes of green tea kit kat bars, if they are in when you are there, get them, they are fantastic. When I have to make business trips to Tokyo I’ll stuff my luggage with them on the way back.

    • I have had them before, and I agree, they are amazing! One of my students went on vacation, and since my kids know how much I love candy, sometimes they bring me back something fun to try. She brought me several different kit kats, and the green tea was my favorite. I immediately wanted to get my hands on more of them!

  • Great theme for a series! I’ll be interested in seeing the rest. I’m curious though… did you actually try the dried squid so that you *know* you don’t like it, or are you just *assuming* you won’t like it? I too have a hard time trying “exotic” foods, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised more often than not when I have. Might be worth a try. Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks! I am having fun trying new things. And no… I totally didn’t try the dried squid. I’m assuming I won’t like it. I’ve tried other dried fish products, and really didn’t enjoy them, so I just extrapolated. Plus I’m not overly fond of spicy things, and it’s HOT dried squid. That totally means I don’t have to be brave and try that particular snack! Of course, that doesn’t work for the tuna jerky… 🙂 Thanks!

  • Since I’m a japanese descendant, my mouth watered just by looking at these photos. The “rice cake” (that I’m used to call them mochi) is delicious. I alway buy a couple of packages of filled mochi when I find them in stores (usually when I go to São Paulo, because they are difficult to find where I live). But since you didn’t like the azuki paste in the taiyaki “fish”, and many mochi is filled with it, you’d have to search well to choose another fillings. But from the pictures I think the ones being sold there are with other fillings. Try the light green one – it’s melon flavored and it’s my favorite! (mouth getting watery again…)

    The dried squid is a little exotic in taste and texture, but I also like it. When my family rarely buys them (it’s another not-so-easy thing to find here), I eat a little every day as a quick snack. My parents eat it while they drink beer (I don’t know how you call it in english, when you eat things like peanuts while you drink beer).

    I’m not really fan of tayaki, so I don’t think it’s strange that you didn’t like it. The rice cracker (I forgot its japanese name) isn’t bad, but I think it’s bland. I think you could’ve gone a little crazier in your choices 😛

    Is there Melon Fanta being sold there? It was my favorite beverage when I want to Japan.

    • I agree, I TOTALLY could have been crazier… but so many of the options were seafood flavored, of which I’m just not a fan. They don’t have Melon Fanta to purchase, but they have added it recently to the sodas to try at Club Cool. So you can get it, in little tiny paper cups. I tried it and it was very refreshing! Maybe I’ll have to be brave and try something fishy. I need to be brave! Thanks for reading!


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