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Spring Dapper Day at Walt Disney World

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Let me start by saying that I am a Tom-girl, a country girl, or a self identified frump.  I like wearing jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and tennis shoes.  You won’t often find me in a dress or skirt; and if you do it is probably for a wedding or a funeral.  I don’t do make-up and my hair skills are very limited.  A quick run through with my fingers or a ponytail suits me just fine.  That being said, even this Tom-girl has day dreams of a softer side.  I dream of breaking the mold I have built for myself; wearing cute little skirts, having a perfectly curled up-do, and being able to create magic with eye shadow and mascara.  I dream of being dapper.

Being dapper is defined as having a neat and trim appearance or being very spruce and stylish.  Both men and women can be dapper.  It usually describes clothing that is attractive and of high quality.  It makes me think of years gone by when men and women were sharply dressed anytime they left their house.  I romanticize of a more innocent world where men were gentlemanly and women had that air of innocence and mystery.  I think of Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Greta Garbo, and Rudolph Valentino.  Even Walt Disney has appeared quite dapper in several old photos I have seen.

In the everyday world I live in there is not much room for being dapper.  Leaving the house usually entails work clothes of some sort, not fashion.  It simply is not normal in my neck of the woods.  So, I am a product of my surroundings, left to merely dream of the day I can be more.  And more I will be.  This coming April 16th at the Magic Kingdom, I will get my chance to be stylish and sophisticated.  I will fit right in at Dapper Day.

What is Dapper Day?

Spring 2015 Dapper Day events at the Disneyland ResortTwice a year at Disney resorts in California, Orlando, and Paris over 20,000 well dressed guests step out in style at this fashionable gathering.  The events are not official Disney sponsored events, but more like fan gatherings.  They do not celebrate any one particular era, and in fact guests do not even have to dress in vintage fashion.  It is more about celebrating the sophisticated dressing and timeless fashion of yesterday and today, while visiting our favorite place, Disney.

Since Dapper Day is not Disney sponsored, there is not a separate ticket needed for park entry.  Your normal park ticket or annual pass will get you in.  However, the Dapper Day website does mention discounts available on park passes and hotels using a group code.  Because this is not a special event, dapper dressed individuals will be right alongside the stereotypical fanny pack and sandal wearing tourists.  Both adults and children are welcome to partake in the fun.  Whole families can even dress up in their finest.  And I don’t know what is cuter than kids in dapper outfits.

This year, the spring Walt Disney World Dapper Day is being held in the Magic Kingdom on Saturday April 16th during normal park hours, with a meetup of Dapper Day Eve Cocktails the night before at the Boathouse in Disney Springs from 9pm-1am for drinks and mingling.  On Saturday there will not be specific times for group meets, due to crowd control reasons, but the following “general gatherings” have been announced:

Around noon – Peoplemover
Mid Afternoon – Liberty Belle
After Sunset – Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel

Dapper Day at the Parks, Spring 2015, Magic Kingdom, WDW Florida

I am very excited to be attending Dapper Day in April.  As I said before, I am not usually dapper by any means and I have been eagerly planning my outfit, my hair, and yes even my makeup.  I have researched different eras of dress, been obsessed with Dapper Day’s Facebook page and Pinterest research, and even watched several YouTube videos and checked out this TouringPlans post by Seth Kuberky of Disneyland’s 2014 Spring Dapper Day to get tips on what to expect.  I have been torn between a 1950’s inspired rockabilly dress, victory rolls in my hair, and wedge heels or a 1920’s lace dress, cloche hat, and flats.  Many people say that although high heels are commonly worn, making a whole day in the park with them on can be very uncomfortable.  Likewise, wearing a hat can be great in the Florida sun, but not so much when I want to ride Space Mountain.  So many things to consider.  And what about my husband who is equally as frumpy as myself.  Could my camouflage clad man be a dashing Fred Astaire or, more currently, a George Clooney?  More importantly will he want to do it?  Happily I can report, that yes, he is looking forward to Dapper Day as much as I am.  He too, has been all over YouTube researching the perfect outfit.

With about a month to go all our planning is beginning to come together.  Goodwill and Ebay have been great for vintage clothing finds.  But what exactly ARE we wearing?  Stay tuned for a follow up piece for pictures and a report of all the dashing fun we had.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Dapper Day at Walt Disney World

  • I specifically planned our Disney Honeymoon to overlap with Dapper Day, very excited to have done it on both coasts! (No shame: my future husband and I will likely be Disneybounding as a dapper Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps!)

  • Can’t wait for your updates! Such fun!


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