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Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Resistance MRE Review & Taste Test Video

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Can you imagine being stranded on a swamp down in Dagobah without access to snack foods? Have no fear! In a preview of merchandise from Galaxy’s Edge, we’re showing you the contents of the Resistance MRE — and doing a taste test.

Fair warning, this video is not safe to watch while sipping on your morning beverage. You will laugh enough to shoot blue milk out of your nose.


Would this be something you’d buy? Can you believe Guy didn’t know what French Burnt Peanuts are? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Resistance MRE Review & Taste Test Video

  • Where to start! I’m guessing the guys didn’t see the Jedi food pellets. Disney may have made a faithful-to-the-movie ration but this was more like a Russian children’s hiking treat tray than an MRE. At least one U.S. MRE supply company bested Disney before Galaxy’s Edge opening by making resistance/Sith MREs.

  • Great job with this. Hilarious. You guys riff off each other really well. My idea for what to call it when you eat all of them at once: The Death Star Trash Compactor”. May the farce be with you.

  • Reading the nutritional content on that package definitely reminds me of Yoda’s line, “How you get som big eating food of this kind?” 🙂

    Serious question and something for you to test: is the plastic dishwasher safe?

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