Surround Your Phone In Disney Magic With These Phone Cases

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It seems anytime we enter one of the main merchandise shops at the Disney theme parks, like Mouse Gear at Epcot or the Emporium at Magic Kingdom, we find new phone cases from Disney. Lately the new phone cases are over the top, literally. Some cases have characters that are peeking over the top of the case. Others have decorations that extend beyond the borders of the case.

Chip and Dale Phone Cover

In recent visits to Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios we’ve come across a new Figment phone case with his orange wings extending out the sides, Chip and Dale peeking over the top, and an “Up” themed case with balloons clustered on top of the case.

Chip and Dale Phone Cover
Chip and Dale Phone Cover
Figment Phone Cover
Up Phone Cover
Up Phone Cover

Each one is $29.99. It does not appear that these cases are available at shopDisney online.

Will you adorn your phone with any of these cases?

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3 thoughts on “Surround Your Phone In Disney Magic With These Phone Cases

  • I would have bought the Chip and Dale one in a heartbeat but the new iPhones require you to swipe up from the bottom, and having a ridge there is a bit of a pain. I would so terribly buy that RIGHT NOW if only it didn’t have that bottom ridge and I wouldn’t have to jerry mander it into being slightly more comfortable, ala the official iPhone XS cases.

  • For those who look at their late-model iPhone and think “it’s nice, but I wish it took up more space.”

  • Never in a million years.

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