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The Best Stroller Tips for Parents

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Strollers can be a huge benefit when touring the parks with young children, not only because it provides them a place to sit and rest their legs, but also because it does a great job holding everything you need to bring to keep them happy and healthy.

Here’s our best tips for touring with a stroller.

A single stroller rental at the parks is $15 for a one-day rental. The stroller comes with one large pocket and 2 spaces to hold drinks.

For around $10, you can buy a stroller organizer that clips to the stroller. This provides a lot more storage with smaller compartments to hold individual items. This one was from Walmart, but you can find them online or at many big box retailers.

We also were able to find stroller hooks at the Dollar Store. You can purchase them at Walt Disney World as well, but they cost around $8. The Dollar Store versions work just as well for a lot less.

This allows you to attach another bag easily to the stroller.

After a day in the parks, all strollers tend to look alike. Simply tying a cheap scarf around the handle can help you easily identify yours. Another option is to attach a balloon to the stroller handle, that way you can spot your stroller wherever it was moved to by cast members. Just remember that many families may also have the same idea, and that balloons are more expensive than a cheap scarf.

In Florida for the summer, you’re almost guaranteed there will be rain. From the Dollar Store buy a shower curtain liner and some cute clips (like you’d use for chips).

Put the liner over the stroller and use the clips to hold it in place. You’re all set for the rain.

Also check out our article reviewing third-party stroller rental companies. These can also save you quite a bit of money over Disney rental prices.

Do you have any other stroller tips you’d like to share? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • You should also buy the rental for the amount of days you plan on touring on the first day. Then you take the receipt and skip the register line the rest of the days. You can proceed right to the stroller distribution. You can also ditch a stroller (for a park hop for example) and pick up another in the new park. We also save the name card each day and save line time filling out a new one each time. Happy Touring !

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