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Here’s 3 More Walt Disney World Tips Most People Forget About

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Disney experts pride themselves on their Disney knowledge, but there’s just so much information to remember. We’ve recently been sharing Walt Disney World tips that not everyone remembers. Let’s look at three more tips that most people forget.

  1. You can place mobile order anytime during park hours
  2. You can bring your own food
  3. You can send mail from Walt Disney World

Most Disney-owned quick service restaurants now offer mobile ordering, and are essentially using it exclusively. One way you can save time, and frustration, is to mobile order your food in advance. By the time lunch time actually rolls around your ideal pick-up time may not be available. You can place your mobile order anytime during park operating hours and select any available timeslot.

There’s been times when I have been at my home some 30 miles away and placed my order ahead time so I have one less thing to do when I am actually at the park itself. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how to use Disney’s Mobile Ordering.

Mobile Ordering at Flame Tree Barbecue

While Disney does have some fantastic food and beverages, some guests may prefer to bring their own food, or at least some of their own snacks. You can bring your own food into the theme parks and water parks, under certain guidelines. No glass or loose ice is allowed. And Disney’s official guidelines state that no preparation can be necessary such as cooking the food in any way.

Guest Relations at Magic Kingdom (photo is pre COVID-19)

You can send and receive mail at select locations at Walt Disney World. Every theme park has at least one mailbox at which you can slip in letters or postcards that have postage. You can also visit Guest Relations at the park to drop off letters or postcards to be sent out. The Front Desk at any Disney resort hotel can do so as well. If you need stamps you can purchase them at select merchandise shops. At the Disney resort hotels you can receive mail. You’ll just need to make sure the resort’s address is on the package and your name with the word “Guest” clearly written. There is a $6.00 handling fee for any packages received.

Here’s the first 3 tips we shared, and the second round of 3 tips most people forget about, in case you want to brush up on your expertise.

What are some of your lesser known Disney World tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments.

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