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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! February 2015 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

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MMM positiveIs February already over?! What a month. We got the inevitable yearly ticket price hikes, got the first details on both Star Wars Weekends and the holiday hard ticket parties, saw Big Hero 6 shock the world and take home the Oscar for Best Animated Film, found out Spider-Man would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (YES! YES! YES!) and – most importantly – found out Duck Tales will be returning to TV! It’s a good thing this month is only 28 days because we don’t think we could handle any more (especially since we wasted an entire day on Llamas on the loose and that ridiculous white/gold blue/black dress meme.) We know a lot of you have had a rough month in the area of weather, and we can certainly sympathize. In fact it almost got down to 50 degrees one night this month and we had to pull a blanket out of the closet to stay warm.

Enough jibber jabber! Who is ready to hit the Outlets? Remember that clicking on any picture will open a full size version of it (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

First up is an item I have wanted for a long time and almost cried seeing it at the Outlets. A Polynesian Luau Bowl! Originally marked $49.95, this was reduced to $24.99.


I think by now most people know how much I love the Marketplace Co-op at Downtown Disney and a big reason for that is the many Adventureland/Polynesian inspired pieces they have. I’ve also seen these Luau bowls at the actual Poly whenever I go to ‘Ohana, and behind glass cases at the Art of Disney store. This bowl is something I’ve always wanted but never thought I would actually own.

Also LOVED this Enchanted Tiki Bowl. Originally $49.95, now $19.99. Days like this are why I need a third job to pay for my second job.


A ton of Christmas themed items showed up, including this Star Wars themed “ugly sweater” shirt. I honestly don’t understand why people wear t-shirts that are supposed to look like sweaters, but it may be a #Millenial thing. Almost everything Christmas related for clothing was originally $19.95-$29.95 and marked down to $7.99-$9.99

“Luke, I am your father…CHRISTMAS.” (I’m selling that one cheap Disney, but “I got a bad feeling…about this present” is gonna cost ya.




For some reasons this Frozen-inspired shirt was even less than the other marked down shirts. These Olaf/Sven shirts were just $4.99.


This Mickey and Minnie tree skirt was originally $89.95 (!) and marked down to $35.99. I actually thought about buying it just based on the dollar savings alone. But we have an artificial tree and I’m assuming you don’t need tree skirts for that, right?


Mickey and Minnie stockings, originally $29.95, now $13.99.


A couple new Christmas ornaments showed up. These were marked down to $4.99. For small items it can be hard to tell what they were originally because the clearance tag completely covers up the original one.



Villains themed stockings. If a Duffy the Disney Bear stocking ever arrives I will purchase one just to see how many lumps of coal we can put into it. It can be the next episode in my Disney MythBusters science-based TV show.


And a Tinker Bell stocking. Just a side note, even though I’ve already done it 1,000 times, I had to Google how to correctly write Tinker Bell. I can never remember if it’s Tinkerbell, Tinkerbelle, or Tinker Bell. Maybe I should think of it like Taco Bell. The Raptors in Jurassic Park learned how to open doors faster than I can remember how to write this fairy’s name. And people wonder why Len Testa pays me in Xanax.


I bought both of these holiday themed pillows. They are actually called “door knockers,” which I guess means they are not pillows. May lose my Interior Decorating license because of that gaffe. Originally $19.95, these were reduced to $6.99 (each)


Now these are definitely pillows, and Disney Cruise Line to boot, Jackpot! Bought these as well. Originally $14.95, now $7.99.


More Disney Cruise Line Christmas themed items. I’m gonna have to ask Laurel Stewart and Scott Sanders what you are supposed to do with that Very Merrytime Cruises hanging thing. Is that also a “door knocker?” Are there people our there that hang tons of stuff on each door in their house? I feel like after discovering Halloween Trees were a real thing this is my new obsession.


Very Merrytime Cruise shirt. $9.99


Was this close to buying these plates, but ended up passing on them. Originally $9.95, now $4.99.


Somehow there are still different Halloween items still arriving to the Outlets, including this Ear Hat.


And these pumpkin flashlight type things.


Presented without commentary.


Nightmare Before Christmas themed light set. Originally $24.95, now $12.99


Speaking of Nightmare Before Christmas, this is Sally. The tag says this is from the “Itty Bitty” line of dolls which I’ve seen mentioned a lot on Twitter by guys like Stitch Kingdom, but I never knew what they were. Have to say I’m not a big fan of the style and don’t even understand why it’s called Itty Bitty when most plush are smaller than this. Originally $16.95, now $6.99.


Here’s another series of dolls I had not seen before but these are fantastic. they are 11″ Feature Dolls. Originally $34.95, they were marked down to $17.99 and had a ton of cool accessories.



This plush wasn’t identified but my two guesses were, Tiana’s friend from Princess and the Frog, or one of Sofia the First’s friends. Originally $19.95, reduced to $9.99


These 12″ Seven Dwarfs plush were originally $21.95, marked down to $6.99. These were the only dwarfs they had. I would LOVE to see a breakdown of exactly how many of each dwarf were sold at full retail. Does Grumpy sell the most? Dopey? Doc probably has a large fanbbase. Maybe they could license Sneezy to a pharmaceutical company like Claritin and hit in that allergy demographic. Sleepy for Unisom. Grumpy for Prozac. I better stop now before Disney starts getting ideas.


In one of the more popular editions of the SATURDAY SIX we did a list of Six Disney Obsessions We Just Don’t Understand, and one of them was the amount of Turkey Leg merchandise. This magnet was originally $4.95 and reduced to $1.99


I have absolutely no idea what this next item is. I thought it was a Cinderella Castle salt and pepper shaker, except there’s no place to put in the condiments. So apparently it’s just an ultra gaudy replica that looks nothing like the real thing. Maybe it comes from a country in World Showcase. Which of the countries have a national epidemic with color blindness? Originally $21.95 (WHAAAAAT?!) and now just $5.99


Love this Animal Kingdom hat for kids. I might have even bought an adult version. Originally $19.95, now $11.99.


Disney Cutting Boards. Originally $21.95, now $9.99. I liked these, but had to pass since I’m not allowed to be anywhere near knives after watching Maleficent. I’m told it’s for my safety.


More items from Marketplace Co-op. These glasses were $5.99 each. There is a surprisingly large amount of items for Candy Cauldron, at least compared to any other candy store, quick service, or Disney owned restaurant on property. Maybe Be Our Guest has more overall items, but I can’t think of anywhere else.




After doing my taxes this year, I’m considering investing heavily in the futures of Sorcerer’s Hat merchandise. That’s right, I’m thinking of gambling my 401K on the chance that down the road Disney fans will forget how awful the Sorcerer’s Hat was at DHS and fondly reminisce about it. So take this magnet for example. Originally it was $12.95, now it is $5.99. But in 10 years, when people lose their minds and start to miss The Hat, I can resell them for $20 or more a pop. SOMEONE TALK ME OUT OF THIS PLAN BECAUSE I’M PRETTY SURE IT’S FOOL PROOF.


So step one in Taking Control Of My Financial Future: this postcard that features The Hat was reduced to $0.29 each. So I bought 6,000 of them.


Speaking of dumb ideas, can I interest you in a gigantic Cozy Cone eraser? WHO COULD POSSIBLY USE THIS?! The only answer I have is the guy who developed it as he can erase “worked in Disney Consumer Products” off his résumé. Originally $9.95, now $6.99


This reversible Mickey Mouse tote bag was originally $19.95, now $8.99


Here’s it is inside out. Have no idea why anyone on Earth would possibly choose this design over the other one.


I thought this women’s shirt was wonderful. Originally $38.95, now $14.99


Also really enjoyed these distressed shirts featuring Donald, Goofy, and Mickey. Originally $24.95, now $12.99. I bought a couple of these.




A women’s Expedition Everest shirt. Originally $32.95, now $14.99


I don’t know if this was a child’s size shirt or an XS women’s shirt. I liked it though. Originally $27.95, now $12.99.


You gotta love Kilimanjaro Safaris shirts, especially after how well the attraction did in the recent Six Best Walt Disney World Attractions voting. Originally $24.95, now $12.99



Expedition Everest shirts. That makes what, like 100 in the past few months? Is there still a gift shop at Animal Kingdom?



Good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster never lets us down. I’m no Nostradamus, but if I’m still doing these reports in 1 year, 5 years, or 50 years, I can’t imagine what will be in the Outlets except for one thing, unwearable RNRC merchandise. Maybe Aerosmith is my constant?


It’s almost impossible to hate Monsters Inc merchandise, even if it’s as ridiculous as these shoes. Originally $29.95, now $14.99


There’s nothing better than finding a great deal, like the Luau Bowl above, but it also stings to see something I paid full price for show up at the Outlets. Like this Piece of SpectroMagic pin. Originally $19.95, now $8.99


Pirate Princess?


I’m sure it has its fans, but Mission: SPACE is probably my personal least favorite WDW ride. The oft-ridiculed bits with Gary Sinise are the only thing I actually like about it. Even Primeval Whirl, a ride I think she be lit on fire (regardless of how many guests may be on it at the time, collateral damage) has fun theming in it. Maybe the problem is my expectations for SPACE were so high.


It’s been about five minutes since we saw an Aerosmith hat, right?


This Cinderella journal was originally $16.95, now $6.99. Look at that pen!


There have been rumors that Disney may be getting out of the Vinylmation game, so maybe I didn’t waste that birthday wish after all. This two pack with Mickey as a football player was originally $24.95, now $6.99. (EDITOR’S  NOTE: I have been informed via the Twitter machine that this is not a football player but instead Mickey as an astronaut.)


The Indiana Jones set were $3.99. I know I’ve ranted a million times on how ugly Vinylmations are but this set personifies my problem with it.


THAT SAID, when you just use the Mickey Mouse character they are perfectly fine. And as a two time runDisney medal winner, I appreciated seeing these runDsiney Vinylmations. $3.99 each, so I bought one.


This Disney pin starter set gives you two of the exact same pins. I guess that’s Disney trying to all but force you to trade one. That’s weird, right?


Let’s close out with some more looks at some theming outside the store in the display windows. Here’s Mickey along with Donald’s nephew Dewey.


Here’s Donald, you’ll remember we saw his desk area last month.


There are a lot of details on the boxes, including this one trolling Maelstrom fans.


And here is a bucket a jewels that is referencing the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction. See ya next month!


There are actually two Disney outlet stores in Orlando. Both are in Orlando Premium Outlet shopping complexes, and they are called Disney’s Character Warehouse, presumably because The Land Of Misfit Toys was already trademarked. There is one Character Warehouse located on International Drive close to Universal Studios (4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819), and the other is on Vineland Avenue, right across I-4 near the exits to Disney World (8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821). For this edition of MMM, we went to the location near Universal.

I have this same tagline in my Tindr profile. Probably why nickname is Derek “Swipe Left” Burgan

I get a lot of questions about this, so we’ll answer them here. You can order any item from the Disney Outlet Stores by calling the WDW Merchandise Guest Services (877-560-6477) There is a catch though, if the item is still available they will charge you full retail price for it, plus shipping. The Outlet Stores themselves do not ship merchandise.

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20 thoughts on “The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! February 2015 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

  • The doll in question is in fact a step-sister of Sofia the First and her name is Amber 🙂

  • Hey Derek, it looks like the hideous red castle thing is meant to look like Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. The backside of it definitely looks like good ol’ Aurora’s little castle on the West Coast.

  • Oh, I love these articles! (And by “these” I mean the ones written by you!)

    I went to LBV yesterday and it was a ZOO! I didn’t take photos because it was such a fight. Let me know if you want photos and I’ll go early. Only items worth noting: Large Tsum Tsums are at the outlet and all the Disney makeup has made it there. I might have left with too much of both…

  • Definitely purchased the Kilimanjaro Safaris Giraffe shirt at full price. I like the logo shirt as well.

  • Your reports kick a$$, but I’m only torturing myself reading them. No matter how much I might want something, there is no way I’m navigating my way back into that mall. I tried it recently and I easily spent two hours just getting in and out.

    • More people need to read this comment to see the sacrifices I make for you, Dear Reader.

      • I can only assume you have a secret tunnel that allows you to enter through A&W where buxom young female part-timers await with a foot long chili dog and root beer float to present you upon your ascension.

  • I figure that the sweater T-shirts are just the result of the “ugly Christmas sweater” thing making its way south. The Disney merchandise department doesn’t understand that only people from the south will buy those, and here we are.
    Also, am I the only person who’s had enough of the Tinker Bell stuff full of sexual suggestiveness?

    • Dean, thank you for bringing up Tinker Bell! Her sexiness bothers me as I don’t feel it’s appropriate. The outfits she and her fairy friends wear in the movies are so suggestive even Bratz dolls wouldn’t wear them. She’s primarily a character targeted at children (not like Jessica Rabbit), so I don’t understand why she and her merchandise need to be so suggestive.

  • Thst small red Cinderella castle is probably a goldfish bowl ornament.

    • Do we think it would be sold at the Living Seas with Nemo and Friends? That is so next level bonkers that I love the idea!

    • I’m now more confused than ever. Although I can say without a doubt that Hallmark’s Itty Bittys are much better than this one.

  • Oh no! I’ve been mooning over that cutting board! And now it’s on clearance! D: now never to be mine.

    That aside. Great article again Derek. Can’t wait till next month’s and more crazy Aerosmith merch that always asks the question did anyone see this before it went into production.

  • In case you are looking at having many sleepless nights wondering who that green-dressed princess is, that is Princess Amber, Sofia’s sister. So yeah, #TMYK.

  • Derek, in an effort to save your retirement money from your plan to invest in the Sorcerer’s hat merchandise, I leave you with three words. The Lone Ranger.

  • Never mind the Xanax, Len pays you?!?!

    Seriously, yet another great column. I gotta stop reading these…I’m starting to see stuff I want to buy.

  • One of your best write-ups, in my opinion. I was laughing so loudly my husband kept asking me what was so funny. Thanks for the article.

  • Hi Derek, this is my favourite feature, I look forward to it every month just for the commentary. I imagine that by now you have enough Disney shirts to wear a different one every day for a year! Thanks for all your hard work.


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