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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! May 2019 Disney Outlet Store Photo Report

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Magic, The Memories, and Merch!, the longest running monthly look at the Disney Outlet Stores in Orlando.  With Ben Wszalek covering Vineland and myself at I-Drive (addresses are at the end of every report) we found a bunch  of interesting pieces of merchandise this month, including more junk stuff from Pandora: The World of Avatar, a rare item from Disney’s Hilton Head resort, and some must-see t-shirts. Of course Christela McC is also here with a look at some Outlet items from out in California.

Enough jibber jabber! Ready to see what we we found? Alright, let’s go!

First up may be the first E-Ticket writing instrument we’ve come across at the Outlets. We’ve seen a bunch of pens that are next level bonkers, but this is the absolute first that comes in its own COFFIN. This Haunted Mansion pen was originally $36.99, reduced to $17.99.

This is the official pen that WWE’s Undertaker uses to sign all his contracts. (photo by Ben Wszalek)

Not only did more Banshees show up at the Outlet this month, but now there are multiple colors available. They are reduced to $29.99.


Not 100% sure who most of the Pandora merchandise is geared towards. These notebooks come in a pack of three but they are pretty tiny. Originally $9.99, now $4.99.

Here are the three different covers that are included in each pack.

On the right here is some sort of hair attachment with a fake feather attached. I just don’t get it. Originally $13.99, now $4.99.

Several Pandora-themed magnets arrived this month, including this one featuring the floating mountains design. It was reduced to $6.99 and I picked one up as this is one of my favorite designs that Disney has used for Avatar.

On the other hand, this magnet uses a design that I think is one of the worst Disney has created for the land. It was reduced to $4.99. Hard pass.

Staying on magnets, here’s a cute one for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Reduced to $3.99. We already have way too many magnets in our house or I probably would have picked this one up.

Not often we see any merchandise featuring Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Reduced to $2.99.

There was a whole bunch of merchandise based around this Mickey Mouse/U.S.A. gimmick, including this magnet that was reduced to $3.99. We’ll get to some more of the items in this line later in the report.

Mickey Waffle magnet was originally $12.99, now $7.99.

What I liked was that the Mickey Waffle came with a warning that this was “Not actual food.” I find it interesting because anyone who thinks they can eat this is probably too young to read anyway, right?

Calling Captain Cruiseline @TheDCLBlog, Star Wars Day at Sea magnets that were originally $7.99 have been reduced to $2.99.

SPEAKING OF CRUISES, if anyone is interested I was a guest on the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast this very week to talk about my recent Southern Caribbean sailing. During the discussion we talk about the various islands I went to, the excursions we did, the shows we saw, the food we ate and more. The host of the podcast is Matt Hochberg, who many theme park fans may fondly remember from the old WDW Today podcast (which our very own Len Testa was a part of.) Come for the discussion on current day cruising, stay for my references to Noah’s Ark, Titanic, and even a Punjabi Prison match. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

Okay, back to the Outlets and we’ll stay with Star Wars Day at Sea merchandise with this set of pins featuring Han Solo and Princess Leia. Both have been reduced to $6.99.

Two more Day at Sea pins including the design used for the magnet above and a pair of lightsabers that look more like a pair of churros. These have also been reduced to $6.99.

How about this. Star Wars themed bottles of hand sanitizer on a key chain. Just as the Fuel Rod is the “Most Expensive Way to Charge Your Phone 8%“, at full retail these keychains have to be the most expensive way to clean your hands. Even reduced to $2.99 I couldn’t justify it.

More Star Wars themed travel sanitizers. How awkward is that droid one?

Car Magnet featuring the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. If you’ve never seen the Trials of the Temple at DHS, it’s fun to watch even if you don’t have young kids to participate. I wonder if it is going to go away once Galaxy’s Edge opens? Car magnet was originally $9.95, now $1.99.

Speaking of Trials of the Temple, one of the Cast Member-like name badges were available. Originally $11.99, now $2.99. If you buy any of these name tag gimmicks at the Outlets you can get them “engraved” (or whatever they do) with your name at the parks for no charge. Or use a sharpie like I do.

Disney Cruise Line Star Wars Day at Sea name tag. Originally $11.99, now $3.99.

A different Star Wars Day at Sea name tag gimmick that was reduced to $2.99. I hope this was sold during a previous year because having two different blank name tags for people to buy on a cruise ship is INSANE.

A Star Wars crayon set I would have killed for as a kid.  Originally $19.99, now $9.99.

This Star Wars pen set is nowhere near as cool and seems “cheap af” as the kids would say. Originally $16.99, now $4.99.

Themed socks featuring young Lando Calrissian. Originally $20, now $5.99. Now, where I come from $20 for a pair of socks is like spending $8 for a 20 ounce bottle of soda. Not saying I won’t spend it, but that better be a damn good tasting bottle of soda.

Two more pairs of Star Wars-themed socks. The one on the right is some sort of Snow Stormtrooper. Look at that pair on the left though. Imagine spending $20 for that. Both reduced to $5.99.

It was around October of last year when the Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs opened several new stores, including one – Disney Tails – that sold merchandise for pets. You can read the SATURDAY SIX coverage of that opening by CLICKING HERE. Some of the items we saw at that store have come to the Outlets, including this Stormtrooper squeeze toy for dogs. Originally $17.99, now $6.99.

This was a set of three Stormtrooper chew toys. Originally $27.99, now$4.99.

Set of 3 bandanas, including one featuring ewoks. Originally $24.99, now $7.99.

Pirates of the Caribbean jug that can be used for decoration or storing Pappy’s moonshine if you happen to live in Tennessee. Originally $29.99, now $12.99.

Pirates of the Caribbean car antennae. Reduced to $1.99.

The “dog holding a key” from Pirates is one of my personal all time top five Disney characters, so – Yes – I had already bought this Pluto plush at full price ($17.99) over at World of Disney.

Pirate Minnie plush. Originally $17.99, now $7.99.

Several years ago we had one of the kiddos at Animal Kingdom and told her that she should could pick out any gift she wanted in the park but it could only be one thing. For whatever reason she choose this Baby Gorilla plush (keep in mind we had not seen gorillas that day nor had she ever seen Tarzan.) This was reduced to $12.99. I want to say “I’ll never understand kids” but on that same trip I myself bought a light up Mickey Mouse lightsaber so it runs in the family.

This panda plush was also reduced to $12.99. Don’t tell the kid, but I got this for her (shhhhhhhhh.)

I also thought I bought this Meeko plush, but apparently I didn’t because it wasn’t in my bag when I got home. This is from a series of plush that had animals with really long tails and included Meeko, Marie the Cat, and the Cheshire cat. At the original retail of $29.99 that gets a Nay Nay, but at $9.99 I’d buy one of each for the family.

Some new Tsum Tsums showed up this month featuring several from the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride line. All the Tsums were 99 cents. Here is “motor mania” Mr. Toad and goat from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (part of the Frontierland set.)

Ratty and Angus McBadger from Toad line.

Winky from the Toad line.

Large plush featuring the character Destiny from Finding Dory. Originally $21.99, now $7.99.


Time for a quick break in Flroida and time to join @ChristelaMcC as she takes a look at the Disney Outlets out in CALIFORNIA.

First up is this cute it’s a small world shirt that was originally $19.99, now $2.99. At that price how can you NOT get it?!

We’re gonna see some of these dresses later on in Florida, but California had a bunch that were originally $78, now a weirdly reduced $46.80.

These Frozen-themed Crocs aren’t all that interesting, but they were originally $39.99 reduced to just $1.99. You’re basically losing money by not buying them!

Christmas ornaments themed to animals. Originally $26.99, now $6.99.

As weird as those ornaments are they aren’t as weird as these Star Wars ornaments which ARE ACTUALLY PINS. Originally $22.99, now $6.99.

This satchel is themed to Chewie from Star Wars. Originally $34.99, now $12.99

Jack Skellington tote. Originally $70, now $34.99.

We were shopping for jigsaw puzzles for the kids and just about every single one they sell at Disney here in Florida is 1000 pieces. I was hoping to find some that were like 50 pieces. Here’s another 1000 piecer that recreates the awesome Thomas Kinkade Beauty & the Beast painting. I could definitely collect a full line of Thomas Kinkade Disney prints. I think they look wonderful. Anyway the puzzle was originally $21.99, now $2.99.

World of Color pin, reduced to $2.99.


Time to head back to FLORIDA and look at some of our pins, including this Pirates of the Caribbean one with a “princess” feel to it. Reduced to $5.99.

There were a TON of pins from Pandora: The Land of Avatar, all reduced to 49 cents. It was crazy. There were like a dozen designs (if not more.) You can see I took a picture of 6 here, and I thought that was it. Then I kept digging and found even more. And they had multiple different sizes. It was CRAZY. Why do you need two differently sized pins featuring the Mountain Banshee Project WHICH NO ONE CARES ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

Here’s an example of how crazy the sizes are. The ACE pin on the right isn’t that big at all. A little bit bigger than a quarter. The one on the left is some sort of mini-pin. Who wants that? And you can see they have a larger version on it for sale as well. I FEEL LIKE I’M IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Here’s a pin for the Mo’ara Night Trek, and there was another one for that Drum Circle thing. I kept pulling out more pins and was driving myself crazy so I just stopped taking pictures.

I also bought two of the ACE pins, by the way.

Mickey Mouse “nerd” pen. Reduced to $3.99. I could have used one of these to sign the commitment papers into the loony bin if I had spent any more time with those Avatar pins.

This is an absolutely horrid pin featuring the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Don’t get me wrong, I love AKL, but this pen is absurd. Reduced to $1.99. Stuff like this shouldn’t even make it to the Outlet, it should be given to Mousekeeping to leave in guest’s rooms as a nice surprise.

Donald Duck with a big head keychain. Reduced to $5.99.

Here’s one for the all time lists. Keep in mind it’s a KEY CHAIN. You press a button and that circle in the middle of the lucite Mickey head lights up and spins.

Here it goes. This is like a toy for a three year old who apparently owns a set of cars keys. Reduced to $4.99.

This is the second style of autograph book to be reduced in the last couple months. What’s up with that? This one was originally $17.99, reduced to $3.99.

Interesting postcard featuring Belle and other characters from Beauty & The Beast. It was originally $4.99, reduced to 99 cents. Artwork was Fenway Fan.

Minnie Mouse hat. Originally $24.99, now $7.99.

I really liked this Expedition Everest-themed backpack. Originally $34.95, now 14.99.

Staying in the Animal Kingdom, let’s check out this Kilimanjaro Safaris shirt. Originally $19.99, now $9.99.

For the last year or so Disney has put out a bunch of “His and Hers” style of shirts. My girlfriend always wants us to wear matching shirts at the parks but that is NOT happening. This month brought a pair of shirts themed to The Incredibles. First up is the “i think she’s incredible” shirt for men. Originally $24.99, now $9.99.

And the “i think he’s incredible” shirt for women. Same price.

Surprised to see this Lion King-themed set just a month or so before the new movie comes out. But here’s a Simba shirt with “Her King” on it. Originally $24.99, now $7.99.

This one features Nala and says “His Queen.” You know what, maybe I’ll get these for Brian McNichols and Angela Dahlgren to wear when doing one of their TouringPlans podcasts together.

We’re about to look at some themed hoodies that were all originally $46.99, now $24.99. First up is Timon from the Lion King.


Pluto. I do like the bone design on the zipper for this one.


Several “Disney Squad” shirts arrived, including this one featuring Goofy. Originally $24.99, now $9.99.

Donald (same price as Goofy.)

And Mickey (same price as the other two.)

This Minnie Mouse “Disney Squad” shirt was for little kids and was originally $17.99, now $9.99.

Is this like some sort of Deconstructed Stitch shirt? Am I losing my mind? Originally $44.99, now $12.99.

Is it me or does this Stitch shirt feel like it came out in the 1990’s. Originally $29.99, now $7.99.

This will be our last Stitch shirt this month, and can you believe it originally cost $36.99?! It has been reduced to $12.99.

It’s not too often that DVC Moonlight Magic merchandise ends up at the Outlets. This shirt was originally $27.99, now $7.99.

I kinda love this design featuring Big Thunder, Space, and Splash Mountain. Originally $34.99, now $12.99.

This shirt features an unofficial motto for theme park bloggers everywhere. Originally $34.99, now $12.99.

Marvel Day at Sea t-shirt. Originally $24.99, now $9.99.

Minnie Mouse shirt. This was originally $39.99. Imagine that, $40 for this shirt. Now $9.99.

Okay, so here’s some more of those dresses I referred to earlier. It appears that there is a popular dress company based in Los Angeles called Pinup Girl. This company made a lot of cute dresses that Disney was selling until Disney just realized they could make their own versions to sell and now appears to be phasing this other company out. If you’ve been following the world of Disney merchandise, this seems to be something that the Mouse has been doing often lately on various products, like headbands and buttons. They see popular items that others are selling on places like Etsy, and then just make their own.

Anyhoo, these dresses were originally $168, reduced to $49.99.

(photo by Ben Wszalek)

More dresses, same price.

(photo by Ben Wszalek)

Princess Elena of Avalor doll set. Originally $44.99, now $17.99.

I think this is a Mickey Mouse/USA ash tray. Or maybe people put candy in it? Originally $12.99, now $5.99. Like the Lion King merch, you’d think they could keep these at the stores at least through July 4th. Seems like a no-brainer.

Plates and bowls from the Red, White, & Blue Mickey line. Both were originally $12.99, now $4.99.

Mickey cups. Originally $13.99, now $4.99.

Mickey coffee cups. Originally $13.99, now $4.99.

Princess themed tumblers. Originally $14.99, now $4.99.

Minnie Mouse coffee cup. Originally $22.99, now $5.99.

I don’t even remember the last time a piece of Hilton Head merchandise came to our Outlets, so I had to pick one of these travel tumblers up. Originally $19.95, now $5.99.

Covered these Starbucks cup ornaments last month, but absolutely loved this sign.

(photo by Ben Wszalek)

This Mickey Mouse tree topper is more than just a bit weird. Originally $39.99, now $14.99.

Is this not the most bizarre set of bookends maybe ever made? Could be me, but someone who is okay with this in their house probably isn’t a heavy reader.


We’ll close out on this “vase” where I didn’t even have the strength to search for the price because it took me too long to figure out what they even were.


There are actually two Disney outlet stores in Orlando. Both are in Orlando Premium Outlet shopping complexes, and they are called Disney’s Character Warehouse, presumably because The Land Of Misfit Toys was already trademarked. There is one Character Warehouse located on International Drive close to Universal Studios (4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819), and the other is on Vineland Avenue, right across I-4 near the exits to Disney World (8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821). They do not ship. There are items at the Outlets that you can buy both in Disney stores along with the Shop Disney Parks app, but you will be paying full retail for the items. For our CALIFORNIA OUTLET trips, @ChristelaMcC goes to the Las Americas outlet in San Diego. It is located right off the last U.S. exit.

I often get asked “which store is better?” That depends. Vineland is close to Walt Disney World, while the I-Drive location is a hop, skip, and jump away from the Universal Orlando Resort. The Vineland Disney Outlet Store is much, MUCH bigger than the I-Drive location. However, the Vineland outlets in general are much, MUCH busier than I-Drive. Each have their pros and cons, and ultimately they carry much of the same items. For a Disney Outlet Store FAQ, check out this SATURDAY SIX Presents: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Disney Outlet Stores (But Were Afraid To Ask)

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We also did an edition of Magic, Memories, and Junk for a non-Disney owned Outlet Store, and for you merch addicts like myself, you may also enjoy a look at the official Disney merchandise available on the Disney Cruise LineCastaway Cay, and at the Orlando International Airport. Want to see our favorite WDW resort-specific merchandise? Well, CLICK HERE!

If you liked what you read here, you may enjoy THE SATURDAY SIX articles every week on the TouringPlans.com blog and you can follow your humble author on Twitter (@derekbugan).

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4 thoughts on “The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! May 2019 Disney Outlet Store Photo Report

  • I finally made the trek down to the border to check out the store that ChristelaMcC reports from, and am sad to report that it’s pretty lame.

    *Shopper Beware*: While the Orlando outlets have a ton of WDW stuff, the San Diego store actually is a “Disney Store Outlet.” It’s all the same exact stuff that you’d see in the Disney Store at your local mall, with a few Disneyland items scattered around. It’s clear that ChristelaMcC does a great job finding and reporting on those few items, but if you make a special trip there hoping to find some Disneyland stuff, you will be disappointed.

    • Hi Andy! Yes – I will say some days the Disneyland section looks VERY slim. I was just there this morning and didnt find anything good. The theme park shipment *usually* comes in towards the middle/end of the month

  • How dare they bury this under 3 pages of Galaxy’s Edge stories!!!

  • The little notebooks resemble Field Notes TM which are a whole *thing* but since the label says field journals I’m guessing they’re knock offs.


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