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There’s Been a Change in Procedure for Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

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One of the reasons we have a member of our team in the parks every day is to keep up to date with any changes. Chrissy visited Hollywood Studios yesterday and experienced Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run as part of our test of our touring plans. But when she got to the ride vehicle, something was different.

Chrissy has visited the parks on her own numerous times, and with COVID-19 precautions in place at Smuggler’s Run, Cast Members would ask if she would like to ride by herself or with another party. During yesterday’s visit she was told she had to ride with another party. She was also told that this was the new procedure moving forward.

Millennium Falcon Entrance

Disney has not made any sort of statement about this, and they usually don’t. We’re just reporting on what our team experienced in the parks, and what was told to them by Cast Members operating the attraction.

We’re noticing a few changes in operations around all of Walt Disney World. It seems we’re entering an interesting phase in which some of the tried and true practices that were put in place since the July 2020 reopening may be changing. As always we’re keeping you updated on our experiences in the parks.

Millennium Falcon Plexiglass
Millennium Falcon Plexiglass

Also, the backstage area for the extended queue was used yesterday. It feels so weird seeing backstage being used in what is the most immersive land at Walt Disney World.

Millennium Falcon Extended Queue Backstage
Millennium Falcon Extended Queue Backstage
Millennium Falcon Extended Queue Backstage
Millennium Falcon Extended Queue Backstage

What other questions do you have about how things are in the parks right now? Let us know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “There’s Been a Change in Procedure for Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

  • That is what I had read was happening with single riders: single riders almost always got engineer. I had read of some anecdotal cases that single riders got pilot from a very generous cast member or riding with a group where no one wanted the responsibility as pilot, but those rarely happened.

  • I have been on this attraction several times as a single rider in pre-pandemic times. What bugged me most is that you had to be part of a group in order to get pilot seating. Apparently the procedure was not to allow people from different parties to occupy the pilots’ chairs. So, every time I rode, I ended up staring sideways at the engineering console. Despite my whining tone, I still liked the ride a lot and do recommend it, I just wish there was some way a solo person could get the same experience as others.

  • We were there in January and we had to ride with 4 other people. None of them spoke English, and had the four front seats. What a mess.

  • So…could this mean single rider lines may be reopened in some attractions in the near future?

  • We also went backstage (I have that same photo) back between Christmas and New Years on the Smugglers Run line

  • This was true for my party of two the first week of February (specifically, Thursday the 4th). We were paired with a party of four and tacked on as the engineers. Extended queue was also in use. It was one of the longest wait times we experienced during our entire visit, so it made sense to us that they’d take those measures.

  • We went to Sorin on Saturday and they extended the que line backstage also.

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