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    Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

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This attraction is NOT YET OPEN!
It is expected to open on August 29, 2019.

Description And Comments

On this attraction guests can fulfill a dream of many Star Wars fans: riding in the cockpit of the fabled Millennium Falcon. The Falcon has been brought to well-known businessman (e.g. smuggler) Hondo Ohnaka for repairs. Hondo himself appears as an impressive animatronic to request your assistance with an important job.

As guests step into the queue they will be handed a boarding card which will break the crowd up into groups of 6, two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers. The rest of the queue leads through hangars and hallways where crews are working on various things. As it approaches Ohnaka and his R5-P8 droid, the Falcon can be seen through windows lifting off and arriving at a dock for the crew (you) to board.

Before getting in the cockpit, however, groups are led into the Millennium Falcon's lounge where they can wait for their boarding group to be called. To Star Fans fans, this lounge is practically a holy place. It is a loving replica of the scene of many famous moments and it even includes the Dejarik table (a.k.a. holo-chess) where Han Solo shared the always cogent advice, "It's not wise to upset a Wookiee." Once your boarding group is called it's time to have another religious experience by stepping into the cockpit.

The Falcon's cockpit is much like the rest, exceptionally detailed with an enormous number of switches, lights, and buttons, including the famous lever that jumps the old girl into hyperdrive. The ride itself is a motion simulator, but this is no passive attraction like Star Tours, where the action happens to you regardless of your actions. The screen in Smugglers Run renders in real time and what it shows depends entirely on the actions of the 6 people controlling it. There is no scenario where the ride is shortened, but there are many where the ship gets pretty beat up. That doesn't mean there are no consequences though, your reputation will follow you through Galaxy's Edge. Just picture stopping by Oga’s Cantina afterwards and having someone recognize you as part of the crew that wrecked the Millennium Falcon.

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