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There’s Two NEW Ice Cream Treats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Which One Should You Get?

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What’s a trip to Walt Disney World without some ice cream? Every Disney World theme park has a variety of ice cream treats to enjoy, including non-dairy options. Right now to celebrate the upcoming release of the movie Raya and the Last Dragon,  you can snack on three different special desserts. A few days ago I raved about the Baby Tuk Tuk Mousse. It’s one of the best specialty desserts I’ve had at Disney. Now, let’s talk about two ice cream treats and how to decide between the two.

  • Mighty Mist Soft-Serve Ice Cream – $5.49
  • Baby Tuk Tuk Ice Cream Sundae – $6.99
Baby Tuk Tuk Ice Cream Sundae
Mighty Mist Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Between the two, we would lean toward the Mighty Mist Soft-Serve Ice Cream. But, this is primarily because it is kid-friendly and familiar flavors. It is, however, very messy! This is a swirl of strawberry and vanilla ice cream served on a cone dipped in blue-colored white chocolate and with sparkling sugar. It is colorful and photogenic. It is very hot in Orlando right now and this treat began melting the moment it was served.  You can find this treat at the Anandapur Ice Cream truck near Expedition Everest.

Anandapur Ice Cream Truck
Mighty Mist Soft-Serve Ice Cream
Mighty Mist Soft-Serve Ice Cream

The Baby Tuk Tuk Ice Cream Sundae costs more than the soft serve. This ice cream sundae is for those that love a creative blend of flavors. It starts with hand scooped vanilla ice cream that is then topped with chai spiced caramel cake, chai caramel sauce, green tea cake crumbs, and salted caramel crispy pearls. To me this flavor combination sounds divine! Chrissy pointed out that you obviously need to like chai spices, green tea, and caramel. Each flavor is pretty strong and the combination is good, so long as you like all three flavors. This treat is available at Dino-Bites.

Dino-Bites Menu
Baby Tuk Tuk Ice Cream Sundae
Baby Tuk Tuk Ice Cream Sundae

Which of these two treats sounds better to you? Let us know in the comments!

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