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Tinker Bell Moving to Town Square Theater at the Magic Kingdom

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Tink meet at the Magic KingdomAre you a Tinker Bell fan? Well, get ready to meet the popular fairy in an all new location at the Magic Kingdom. Starting Tuesday, May 20, Tink will be moving from Adventureland to the Town Square Theater, located on Main Street U.S.A.

When entering the new Garden Theater guests will be transported to Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook via an equally magical portal, which will “shrink” guests down to the size of a fairy. When guests enter the space they will see a beautiful, natural setting filled with some of Tink’s personal treasures.

The best part about this new meet and greet location is that FastPass+ will be available in addition to the the usual standby line. Tinker Bell’s previous meet and greet in Adventureland was standby-only.

An unfortunate change that comes along with this change of venue is that Tinker Bell will be meeting guests solo. When Tink met in Adventureland she was always joined by another fairy friend such as Silvermist, Rosetta, Terrance, or her sister Periwinkle. It is unclear at this time if there will be an opportunity to meet any of the other Disney Fairies at another location, but they will definitely not be appearing in Town Square Theater with Tinker Bell.

Tink’s new location is in the former home of the Disney Princesses, who moved to Princess Fairytale Hall once it opened in September 2013. Magician (talking) Mickey Mouse will continue to meet guests at Town Square Theater. (His meet is located next door to Tinker Bell’s new Garden Theater.)

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10 thoughts on “Tinker Bell Moving to Town Square Theater at the Magic Kingdom

  • While I’m excited about being able to FP Tink, I’m very bummed that she won’t have friends joining her. One of the highlights of our last trip was when Vidia guided our 5 year old to Tinkerbell, looking at Tink and stating (accurately), “She’s a talker.”

    • Brian McNichols

      I’m with you Neil. My daughter loves Tinker Bell, but she’s met her quite a few times. She still hasn’t met a few of her friends.

  • Agreed, I am sad that the friends won’t be there. My daughter loved meeting Periwinkle and she was far better at interacting than Tinkerbell. She would have loved to meet Zarina (the pirate fairy) at our next visit. I’m pretty surprised that they are going this route given the popularity of the tinkerbell films.

  • Anyone remember when New Fantasyland was originally announced in 2009 that there would be a Pixie Hollow area? Then, when that plan changed, the word was that the fairies would be getting their own meet/greet area in Hollywood Studios.

    My own two cents is that they should setup a Pixie Hollow area in Animal Kingdom, since it’s got sort of a nature theme, and they will need something to draw the younger kids to balance out Avatarland. If Avatarland ever happens.

  • In 2009, we got to meet Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Fawn, and Silvermist all in one place and it was the highlight of my daughter’s trip. I think that the idea of creating a Pixie Hollow as part of Animal Kingdom would be great, but at least put them all SOMEWHERE. 🙁

  • Mary Virginia

    When will the new meet and greet be added to the personalized touring plan options?

  • I was sad to hear this. I’ve met Tink many times and always love meeting her. But I really enjoyed some of the other Fairies interactions. I was hopeful for a Zarina meet.

  • I agree about the visiting fairies…any idea what the old “nook” will be turned into?

  • DisneyMcDad

    Wow. I hope this is one of those “testing” things Disney does or Disney will modify what their plan is. My family loved hearing that Tink will be on Fast Pass, but solo? This doesn’t seem to make sense with Disney’s focus on the fairies and the character base they have created with the movies. Both my daughters look forward to what other fairy we would meet. It was the highlight of their trip when we met Periwinkle and the trip coming up they were hoping it would be Zarina. When I told them about this, both said they wouldn’t want to use a Fast Pass or even wait in line. Left scratching our heads on this one.

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