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Top 10 Snacks at Walt Disney World

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TouringPlans is pleased to welcome guest author Sara Butler.

Walt Disney once famously said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” What he meant was probably something along the lines of dreaming and doing, but when you’re on a trip to Walt Disney World, that quote can take on a whole new meaning — as in, “I couldn’t possibly eat one more bite! . . .  Is that a churro stand over there?”

Snacks at Walt Disney World are iconic and maybe even a little controversial (I’m looking at you, turkey leg). But one thing they all have in common is that they make it possible to walk roughly 4,875 miles each day of your Disney trip and still manage to leave with your clothes just a bit tighter.

Simply walking into the Magic Kingdom, your senses are tantalized by the smell of fresh-popped popcorn. Disney is about snacks from the get-go. So, put on your stretchy eating pants because we’re about to leave other snacks behind and enter the world of Dole Whip, churros, and fantastically magical treats. Here are the 10 best snacks at Walt Disney World.

No. 10: The Night Blossom

Night Blossom

If you’re looking for something colorful and tasty to cool you off on a hot Florida day, then you cannot go wrong with the Night Blossom. This beverage is created from layers of desert pear limeade and apple slush topped off with passion fruit boba. And bonus for all you adults out there, you can have it topped with a floater of Bacardi rum if you’re feeling sassy.

Find it: Pongu Pongu in Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

No. 9: Citrus Swirl

Florida is synonymous with oranges. If you go to Disney World and don’t have a citrus swirl, do you even Florida, bro?

Citrus swirl blends sweet vanilla soft serve with a tart orange juice slush. It’s a unique and tasty dessert. The best part: You get to visit the new Orange Bird mural while you wait in line and he’s just the cutest little bird ever.

Find It: Sunshine Tree Terrace, The Magic Kingdom

No. 8: Cheshire Cat Tail

Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich and Cheshire Cat Tail at The Lunching Pad

If you have yet to meet the Cheshire Cat Tail, allow me to introduce you. It’s a flakey, chocolate-filled pastry with icing drizzled on top. Yes, we’re all mad here. Mad for chocolatey goodness.

Find It: Normally, you can find this delicious treat at the Cheshire Café in the Magic Kingdom. Alas, that location has not reopened, but you can happily find Cheshire Cat Tails at The Lunching Pad and at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. Say hello to Sonny Eclipse while you’re there.

No. 7: Carrot Cake Cookie

If you love carrot cake but wish you could find a handheld version to snack on as you trek across the parks, then you’re in luck because Disney magic strikes again!

The Carrot Cake Cookie is exactly what it sounds like: Two fluffy slices of carrot cake in a cookie shape with a huge dollop of cream cheese icing in between.

Find It: This can be found at the Trolley Car Café in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

No. 6: Anything from Karamell-Küche

This could be seen as a bit of a cop-out, but I seriously can’t choose just one thing from Karamell-Küche, also known as the place where caramel-covered dreams come true. They have caramel popcorn, caramel apples, caramel and chocolate pretzels, chocolate caramel brownies, caramel cupcakes, and caramel shortbread – oh my!

Find It: Head back to the Germany pavilion in EPCOT and follow the sweet smell of warm caramel. You have arrived.

No. 5: Num Num Cookie

Are you a polymorphic crime-fighting superhero baby looking for a snack? Or perhaps a peckish tourist? Either way, get yourself an incredible Num Num Cookie. This cookie is crispy on the outside but gooey and full of warm, melty chocolate on the inside. Quite simply, it’s a solid chocolate chip cookie that can fuel you in the fight against evil. Or at least provide the sugar rush you need to finish your day at the parks.

Find It: The Market, Pixar Place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

No. 4: Kaki-Gori

Kaki-Gori Shaved Ice at EPCOT

You may think you’ve experienced all shaved ice has to offer, but you’re wrong. Kaki-Gori is a delicious combination of shaved ice and fruit-flavored syrup – but it doesn’t stop there. You can opt to have it covered with a sweet milk topping that elevates it above any other shaved ice treat you may have had in the past. There’s a rainbow of flavors to choose from too, including melon, cherry, strawberry, tangerine, and yes, even rainbow.

Find It: Kabuki Café, Japan Pavilion EPCOT

No. 3: Cheeseburger Egg Rolls

Disney excels when it comes to two things: narrated boat rides and handheld foods. Their cheeseburger egg rolls prove that point. You get all the goodness and flavor of a cheeseburger wrapped up in a convenient and perfectly crispy egg roll shell. They do not disappoint.

Find It: Disney keeps you on your toes as you search for these bad boys. You can get them from a cart that is found in or near Adventureland, either next to the bridge that takes you from the hub to Adventureland or in between the Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean.

No. 2: Churro

Churros are a classic and personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with fried dough tossed in cinnamon sugar. There’s not just one kind of churro at Disney World, either. Seasonal variations have existed from time to time, including a melted snowman selection and a lightsaber churro. RIP Olaf.

Find It: Churros are everywhere! Find them at snack carts throughout the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. You can even find them in the Mexico pavilion in EPCOT or at Dino Bites in Animal Kingdom.

No. 1: Dole Whip Float

Velvety pineapple soft serve over thirst-quenching pineapple juice, Dole Whip floats have a cult-like following and for good reason: They’re epic and delicious. If you’ve never tried one, then you may not be able to claim to be a true Disney fan until you do. No pressure.

Find It: Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom or Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Which of these delicious treats will you try on your next Walt Disney World vacation?

Sara Butler lives in Bloomington, Indiana with her husband and two daughters. She is a professional writer and certified Disney fanatic who enjoys sharing her love of Disney with others – so much so that she helps people to plan their own vacations. Contact Sara here for help planning your next trip to Disney or Universal – she has all the insider info!

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One thought on “Top 10 Snacks at Walt Disney World

  • The absolute best churros on property are the ones on the menu at Nomad’s Lounge at Animal Kingdom. They are so fresh; perfectly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Also, Dole Whips are available at the Pineapple Lanai walk-up window at the Polynesian Resort. You don’t even need a park ticket or reservation to get one.


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