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Top 3 Best and Worst Animal Kingdom Dining Locations According to You

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While it’s true Walt Disney World is a foodie paradise, not all restaurants and dining locations are created equal. So how do you know which restaurants are worth your time or which ones you should leave behind?

After scouring through our TouringPlans Lines 2.0 app, I’ve compiled a list of both the highest AND lowest-rated dining destinations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! So which ones made the cut? And will you agree with our user ratings? Let’s take a look!

Lowest Rated Dining Locations on the Lines 2.0 App

3. TIE: Caravan Road & Expedition Storage Lockers Beverage Cart

Rating: 85%

Caravan Road is a small kiosk on the walkway between Africa and Asia. Its small menu currently consists of Asian noodle salad, edamame, teriyaki beef sliders, and soft drinks. While many guests are fans of the cultural foods offered in Animal Kingdom, a limited menu for adventurous palettes isn’t always what families of picky young eaters are looking for.

Expedition Storage Lockers Beverage Cart located at The Oasis only sells bottled water and soft drinks. Apart from its name, I’m guessing its poor rating is due to its lack of options coupled with having to pay over $3 for a Coke.

2. TIE: The Smiling Crocodile & Mahindi

Rating: 81%

Simba Popcorn Bucket

The Smiling Crocodile at Discovery Island offers a number of unique menu items ranging from tamales to street tacos. But from the look of its ratings, it clearly isn’t living up to guest expectations.

Mahindi is a popcorn cart just inside of Africa that also sells glazed nuts and collectible popcorn buckets. Guests who ranked this spot were either expecting something more from Mahindi or didn’t appreciate those long, winding lines for buckets.

1. TIE: Rainforest Cafe & Pizzafari

Rating: 79%

Rainforest CafeWhile families, especially those with young kids, love the atmosphere and the experience Rainforest affords, the food (and sometimes the service) has never been that great.

Photo courtesy of Disney (c)

Pizzafari is conveniently located on Discovery Island serving kid-proof dishes like personal pizzas that fail to live up to expectations.

Highest Rated Dining Locations On The Lines 2.0 App

Now that we’ve tackled the worst, let’s get to the BEST according to our Lines 2.0 readers!

3. TIE: AK Carts, Creature Comforts, DinoLand Frozen Treats, Harambe Fruit Market, Nomad Lounge

Rating: 97%

All of the dining locations listed above tied for our third place slot with 97% rankings from our users. But despite sharing the same ranking, the only two similar to one other are the AK Carts from Discovery Island and DinoLand Frozen Treats from DinoLand U.S.A as both serve typical soft drinks, popcorn, and frozen treats.

(c) Disney

Creature Comforts at Discovery Island, on the other hand, is the park’s Starbucks location, and the Harambe Fruit Market in Africa offers fruits, veggies, pickles, and even flame-grilled corn on the cob.

Indoor Seating at Nomad Lounge

Located near the entrance to Pandora – The World of Avatar, Nomad Lounge is the only sit-down location to make this Top 3 list. It’s connected to the park’s signature restaurant Tiffins and serves a wide selection of drinks along with small plates and appetizers ranging from bowls to a bread service.

2. Anadapur Ice Cream

Rating: 98%

This snack stand can be found in Asia and operates out of an aqua blue, decorative bus! The menu is somewhat limited offering soft drinks, water, soft-serve waffle cones or floats, but occasionally it procures a seasonal treat like peppermint soft-serve ice cream!

1. Everest Beverage Cart

Rating: 99%

Expedition Everest Area 09-06-20

Yep, the highest-rated dining spot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is indeed the Everest Beverage Cart. This rather basic cart serves up your typical theme park fare of all-beef hot dogs, Coca-Cola and Minute Maid beverages, beer, and frozen treats such as Mickey Premium Bars and frozen bananas.

Do you agree with our Lines 2.0 app ratings? Which of these dining spots would you rate as the highest? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Wow. Tusker House didn’t even make the cut? Yak and Yeti either? More people need to get to these places! They’re two of my favorite foodie spots in AK!

  • This is either a poorly designed rating system that ranks carts selling prepackaged food equal to restaurants and carts selling prepared food…. or a really poor written article with a dreadful title used for click bating. I’m all for best and worst list to get a leg up for our next trip, but this article is beyond pointless enough for me to comment which I rarely do unless it is really great or dreadful like this one!

    Redo this article with best and worst places to eat in Animal Kingdom comparing places to eat with only onsite prepared food. Prepackaged food should not qualify as part of this rating system.

  • Sorry you feel that way. The intent the article was to reflect which spots of all available at AK offering food and/or drink rated the highest and lowest on the app, and these were the results. Thank you for commenting.

  • Sorry to be a jerk, but this post was dumb. Locations operated by ODV should not be on a best/worst “dining locations” list, they should be on a best/worst ODV locations list. I’m all for comparing Nomad Lounge to Pizzafari to Flame Tree, but “Everest Beverage Cart?” Come on Savannah…

  • So I assume this isn’t rating the best place to get a meal, but the best place to eat under any category? If I was going to get lunch or dinner, I wouldn’t look at a food cart for that I don’t think.

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