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Top 5 Highest Rated Disney California Adventure Quick Service Restaurants

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Have you ever been in Disney California Adventure and your stomach starts growling? But then you see the list of restaurants and you have no idea what’s good and what’s not? We’re here to help. Today we’re going to take a look at the top 5 highest rated Disney California Adventure quick service restaurants, as rated by you and your fellow TouringPlans and Unofficial Guide to Disneyland readers. Keep in mind this list only includes quick service restaurants. No full service locations, outdoor vending carts, or snack stands (some of which may rank higher in our surveys) will be on this list.

#5 Cozy Cone Motel – Cars Land

Rating: 91.4%

Summary: Each conical commissary in this food court, based on Sally’s construction-cone motel from the Cars film series, serves different snacks and drinks with punny names such as “chili cone queso” and “route beer floats.” Check the selections before you line up because each of the five cones vends a different menu.

House Specialties: Chili served in a bread cone, soft serve ice cream, churros, mac and cheese, and popcorn. Signature beverages include a syrupy pomegranate limeade and Red’s Apple Freeze, a curiously addictive blend of tart frozen apple juice and sweet toasted marshmallow.

Comments: Our only critique of Cozy Cone is that nothing is substantial enough to make a meal out of. However the snacks that are here are solid. Who doesn’t love soft serve, churros, and chili served in a cone of bread?

#4 Corn Dog Castle – Paradise Garden Park

Rating: 93.7%

Summary: A throwback to the California Crazy architecture of the 1920s-1930s, the Corn Dog Castle is pretty much self-explanatory. It caters to the needs of people jonesing for a corn dog fix who are too far away from the Little Red Wagon on Main Street in Disneyland. If you like those dogs, or if you always thought they would be good if they didn’t have all that darn meat and were stuffed with cheese instead, then this is the place for you.

House Specialties: Disneyland’s famous hand dipped corn dog.

Comments: It’s no surprise that Disneyland’s famous corn dogs rate so highly among Disneyland Resort visitors. They’re gigantic, sinfully delicious (especially the hot link corn dog), and they’re affordable when compared to other quick service food. You can get a dog with a side of chips for around only $11.

#3 Award Wieners – Hollywood Land

Rating: 94.0%

Summary: Award Wieners is home to hot dogs with various toppings.

House Specialties: Hot dogs! We are big fans of the Asada fries (“Filmstrip Fries” topped with Carne Asada, Cheese, Cilantro, Onions, Salsa and Guacamole).

Comments: We’re guessing Award Wieners ranks so high because it’s located in a high traffic location of DCA, the dogs on the menu have some pretty decent toppings, and the “Filmstrip Fries” are fantastic. We also enjoy the frequently changing seasonal hot dogs that appear throughout the year.

#2 Aunt Cass Café – San Franksokyo Square

Rating: 94.6%

Summary: Adults appreciate the food and ambience in the outdoor seating area as well as the very kid-friendly menu (nonfat yogurt, sliced apples, and whole-grain fish crackers). For dessert, try the seasonal bread pudding or the fluffy Japanese-style pancake.

House Specialties: Fresh soups and salads served in hollowed-out sourdough loaves from San Francisco’s famous Boudin bakery, plus turkey wraps and macaroni for the kids. The chilled soba noodle salad is good, as is the clam chowder, with heaps of clams in a creamy, slightly salty base.

Comments: Much like Jolly Holiday over in Disneyland, we think Aunt Cass Café ranks high because there’s something for everyone, it’s affordable, it has a convenient central location, and the food is good. Also like Jolly Holiday, nothing on the menu is inventive or mind-blowing, but it’s all solid. Constant seasonal items and treats come and go throughout the year which makes it a great place for return visits. The highlight of the menu is the bread pudding, with toppings that change seasonally. It’s truly glorious.

#1 Paradise Garden Grill – Paradise Garden Park

Rating: 97.1%

Summary: With an abundance of covered, shady seating, live bands, and roughly a jillion tiny lights decorating the surroundings, this is one of the most pleasant places in DCA to take a break for a quick meal. This open-air dining venue, themed to a Victorian beer garden, shares seating with Boardwalk Pizza. The backstory is about an immigrant family whose humble roadside grill grew into a dining empire.

House Specialties: The menu is constantly changing with the season. During Hispanic festivals like !Viva Navidad! the menu here may be swapped for some excellent Latin entrees.

Comments: Paradise Garden Grill’s high rating may be because of its former menu of Greek skewers and other Mediterranean entrees. In recent years the menu has had everything from barbecue ribs, Mexican food, Asian entrees, and much more. You never know what kind of menu you’ll find at Paradise Garden Grill during your visit. The current menu is made up of a couple of dishes with chicken tenders, a burrito, and loaded fries.

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Do you agree with how our readers rate the top 5 Disney California Adventure quick service restaurants? Let me know in the comments as well as your favorite DCA dining locations. 



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