The Disneyland Touring Plans are step-by-step plans for seeing as much as possible with a minimum of time wasted standing in line. They are designed to assist you in avoiding crowds and bottlenecks on days of moderate to heavy attendance. on days of lighter attendance (see the Crowd Calendar), the plans will still save you time but will not be as critical to successful touring.

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Touring Plans for Parents with Small Children

Touring Plans for Parents with Small Children

We developed many of these plans when preparing to visit the parks with our own children (ages 2 through 8). Most plans offer a mid-day break of at least three hours back at your hotel. It's debatable whether the kids will need the nap more than you, but you'll thank us later, we promise.

Explore our Disneyland Touring Plans for Parents with Small Children

Touring Plans for Adults

Touring Plans for Adults

The one-day plans are designed for adults (and teens) wishing to see as much of the park as possible in a single day.

Explore our Disneyland Touring Plans for Adults!

Touring Plans for The Whole Family

Touring Plans for The Whole Family

These Touring Plans are designed for The Whole Family, which may include small children, tweens, teens, and even seniors!

Explore our Disneyland Touring Plans for The Whole Family!

Personalized Touring Plans

Personalized Touring Plans

Are none of our premium plans perfect for you? With Personalized Touring Plans, you choose a date, arrival time, set of attractions, and any breaks you require. Then let our optimization software determine the best order in which to experience what you chose!

Learn more about Disneyland Personalized Touring Plans!

Choosing the Right Touring Plan

If you have two days to spend at Disneyland Park, the two-day touring plans are by far the most relaxed and efficient. Two-Day Touring Plan A takes advantage of early-morning touring, when lines are short and the park has not yet filled with guests. this plan works well all year and is particularly recommended for days when Disneyland Park closes before 8 p.m. on the other hand, Two-Day Touring Plan B combines the efficiencies of early-morning touring on the first day with the splendor of Disneyland Park at night on the second day. This plan is perfect for guests who wish to sample both the attractions and the special magic of Disneyland Park after dark, including Fantasmic!, parades, and fireworks. The Two-Day Touring Plan for Adults with Small Children spreads the experience over two more-relaxed days and incorporates more attractions that both children and parents will enjoy.

If you have only one day but wish to see as much as possible, use the One-Day Touring Plan for Adults. this plan will pack as much into a single day as is humanly possible, but it is pretty exhausting. If you prefer a more relaxed visit, try the Author’s Select One-Day Touring Plan. this plan features the best Disneyland Park has to offer (in the author’s opinion), eliminating some of the less impressive attractions.

If you have small children, you may want to use the Dumbo-or-Die-in-a-Day Touring Plan for Adults with Small Children. This plan includes most of the children’s rides in Fantasyland and toontown, and omits roller-coaster rides and other attractions that small children cannot ride (because of Disney’s age and height requirements), as well as rides and shows that are frightening for small children. Because this plan calls for adults to sacrifice many of the better Disney attractions, it is not recommended unless you are touring Disneyland Park primarily for the benefit of your children. In essence, you pretty much stand around, sweat, wipe noses, pay for stuff, and watch the children have fun. It’s great.

An alternative to the Dumbo Plan would be to use the One-Day Touring Plan for Adults or the Author’s Select One-Day Touring Plan, and take advantage of switching off, a technique whereby children accompany adults to the loading area of rides with age and height requirements, but do not actually ride. Switching off allows adults to enjoy the wilder rides while keeping the whole group together.

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