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TouringPlans Fans Speak Out: Best Fantasmic and Best Epcot Rest Spot

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This week we’ve got not one but TWO of our round-ups of TouringPlans speak out. First, off to Epcot where we want to know where your favorite spot to rest is….

Such great options–including the option not to rest!

And for our second question, we’re pitting east coast versus west coast in the battle of Fantasmic!

Want to continue the conversation? Chime in with your views on these topics.

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Julia Mascardo

Former writer, editor, and social media manager of TouringPlans. Embarking on new adventures with husband, kid, and cats.

4 thoughts on “TouringPlans Fans Speak Out: Best Fantasmic and Best Epcot Rest Spot

  • We saw WDW F! again back in March. Usually we go on a weeknight. This time we went on Saturday, even tho we knew it’d be a crazy full house. Ended up being my favorite Fantasmic ever! The crowd energy was absolutely contagious and everybody fell ill to Disney nerdom. Delightful 😀

  • Disneyland’s version is definitely #1 closely followed by Tokyo DisneySea’s version with the World’s version a distant 3rd.

  • This isn’t even a question. DLR Fantasmic is soooo much better. Only wish they had the seating that WDW does. I don’t think I’ll ever waste my time watching the WDW version again, unless I’m with someone who begs me to.

  • If you’re a fan of EPCOT Center, head over to the Imagination pavilion. There’s a short path to the right of the main entrance that leads to some restrooms. Along that path, you can get a view of the Monorail, SSE, and The Land that hasn’t changed since the 80s. Last time I was there, the old area loop still played, too.

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