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TouringPlans Fans Speak Out: Epcot’s Moana Attraction

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D23 is in full swing, and already there have been big announcements. One that took almost everyone by surprise was the addition of a Moana attraction to Epcot. Although not being billed as a ride, this attraction sounds to be a lot of interactive fun with a water theme. To me, it would fit great next to the Imagination pavilion in conjunction with the upwards waterfall and jumping fountains. But like any announcement, some people were happy, and others weren’t. We asked you what you thought, and here’s what you had to say.

Continue the conversation–would you have preferred a ride, or do you love this idea of a more laid-back attraction? Moana theme or no? Epcot or somewhere else? Let us know what you think.

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Julia Mascardo

Former writer, editor, and social media manager of TouringPlans. Embarking on new adventures with husband, kid, and cats.

3 thoughts on “TouringPlans Fans Speak Out: Epcot’s Moana Attraction

  • Honest first thoughts: I hope they aren’t just doing it to do it. It better have thought and good planning behind it or it will be underwhelming and become a “skip it” attraction if we can even call it that. They spent so much money on Galaxy’s Edge I’m afraid they will skimp on things like this they think they “need” to do.

  • I’m fully in the self-delusion phase – “This could be OK. They could tell an educational story about water and the environment in an EPCOT-appropriate way.” which of course will be executed as another Fantasyland-style book report attraction.

  • Love Moana theme. Sounds kind of fun. I think at the least it will be a good diversion.
    But could be underwhelming. Kind of reminds me of Enchanted Tales with Belle which seems just a way to include the character on the cheap. Not as enjoyable as a ride. Time will tell.

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