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TouringPlans WDW Resort Tournament – Championship Match

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The Championship Match is set! And two thematic titans will be battling it out in the finale of our WDW Resort Tournament! Over 240 of you voted to send two more resorts to the Trash Heap. And two resorts have made it through to the championship match, vying for the crown of this oh-so-important competition. One match was never even close, and the other came down to the wire. Let’s hop into the results.

Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village vs. Yacht Club

#9 Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village vs #12 Yacht Club

This was the tightest race of the entire competition so far. A play-by-play recap would’ve looked something like this:

  • 11:00 am: 100 responses, 50% to 50%
  • 2:00 pm: 164 responses, 50% to 50%
  • 8:25 pm: 244 responses, 50% to 50%

When the poll closed, there were 246 responses, and the winner … by TWO votes … Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village! (Official result is 50.4% to 49.6%)

Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House vs. Polynesian Village Resort

#14 Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House vs #18 Polynesian Village Resort

Unlike Kidani vs Yacht Club, this matchup was over almost before it began. It turns out that in a battle between theme and theme+proximity+classic Disney vibes, the triple threat won. Polynesian Village Resort easily fought off Jambo House, 61.4% to 38.6%.

Tournament Commentary

As the WDW Resort Tournament progresses, the submitted comments keep getting more and more entertaining. So let me share some of the fun with all of you.

Wilderness Lodge Fans

  • Kat says, “How did Wilderness Lodge not make the Final Four ahhhhhhhhhhh”
  • Mary (the WL rioter) says, “We may have lost the battle but we will win the war: wilderness lodge 2022”
  • Michael, Mary-supporter, says, “We stand in solidarity with the Mary Riot in protest of the Wilderness Lodge’s early exit and will choke the Rivers of America with our spent magic bands.”
  • Doug wonders, “Would Disney sell separate tickets to watch Mary riot? Or would that be part of a park hoppers ?”

Yacht Club Fan Club

  • Rachel says, “As much as I like Kidani Village, Yacht Club is my absolute favorite resort on property!!!”
  • Maggie says, “Just want to see Cameron get that Yacht Club tattoo!” (sorry Maggie)
  • Michelle says, “Yacht Club has both proximity to parks AND the best pool on property, while Jambo House has the best theming and dining options out of all the resorts. Both worthy of the finals!” – It’s a rough day for Michelle.
  • Jenna adds, “Yacht Club is easily my favorite! The pool is my kiddos favorite with easy access to HS and Epcot plus the Skyliner, it can’t be beat! “

Happy With the Outcome

  • Duane says, “Dole Whips vs Animals – the way it should be.”
  • John says, “Pretty cool that all 4 have the following in common: Kidani (Theming), Jambo (Theming), Poly (Theming), and Yacht Club (Blah!). Sorry, only 3 do!” Thank you for the chuckle, John.
  • Cole predicted, “While AKL’s theming blows Yacht Club out of the water, I think the Poly’s theming plus the electric water pageant, monorail, unique restaurants and proximity to the MK and other resorts should push it over AKL-JH.” You called it, Cole!
  • And finally, with the favorite quote of the week, we have Doug, who says, “Yacht Club: Sure, it’s nice to walk to Epcot.
    Polynesian: Sure, it’s nice to monorail to MK and ….have your view blocked by rich people in bungalows?

The Tournament Continues

The Championship Match is set, and it’s your time to vote! From now until 9:00 p.m. Eastern, make your voice heard. Select the Best Resort Of All and add your own color commentary. Check back in on Friday to celebrate the end of the WDW Resort Tournament. We’ll crown a winner and enjoy all of the funny comments.

Did you participate in the Wilderness Lodge Riot of 2021? Do you have any predictions for today’s championship game? Will the Yacht Club Fan Club demand a recount? Let us know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “TouringPlans WDW Resort Tournament – Championship Match

  • I am the Michelle referenced above, and while I am disappointed with the results, I chuckled out loud reading the post. This was a great diversion this week while my son is in quarantine (contact at school).

    • Thank you so much for sharing, Michelle. It’s been a great diversion this week for me too. And crossed fingers that your son stays healthy and you all get out of quarantine soon!


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