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TouringPlans WDW Resort Tournament – Final Four

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In our Elite Eight, 212 people made their votes count as we narrowed our remaining resorts to the Final Four! As of today we have 28 resorts lounging in the Trash Heap. And we have 4 battling it out to become the champion. There were many underdogs left in our Elite Eight … which ones were able to make it even further? There were only four matchups left, so let’s look at each one.

#9 Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village vs #17 Contemporary Resort

This battle was the closest all day, regularly hitting an even 50/50 split. But in the end, Kidani Village was able to slip past the Contemporary by the narrowest margin of the day, 51.9% to 48.1%.


#12 Yacht Club vs #13 Grand Floridian

In another neck-and-neck battle, the two resorts with the closest seeds ended up in a tight match. Ultimately, the proximity to EPCOT beat the proximity to Magic Kingdom. Yacht Club sailed past (see what I did there?) Grand Floridian 52.4% to 47.6%.


#7 Wilderness Lodge vs #18 Polynesian Village Resort

Wilderness Lodge vs Polynesian was the match that generated the most comments. These thematically stellar resorts have lots of fans. With the final votes tallied, the highest remaining seed was upset. The Polynesian beat out Wilderness Lodge 52.4% to 47.6%. Mary, who once again commented about rioting if Wilderness Lodge lost … now’s your chance.


#11 BoardWalk Inn vs #14 Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House

The last remaining battle was also the most lopsided. This was a classic matchup of proximity against theme. And in this case, theme blew proximity out of the water. Jambo House pulled off the upset and kicked BoardWalk 60.4% to 39.6%.

Tournament Commentary

  • “We love staying at different resorts, but we still end up at Animal Kingdom Lodge about 75% of the time.” – Survey-taker, Doug. Good news, Doug! AKL makes up half of our Final Four! Yay!
  • “Yacht Club is the Charlie Bucket of resorts — it’s just lucky to be there.” – Julia Mascardo
  • “What I’m really learning about myself in this bracket is that I believe staying in a villa > staying in a hotel room. Maybe that’s just me lol” – Survey-taker, Kat. Me too Kat!
  • “It really overturns any kind of narrative that being a monorail resort is an unbeatable trump card ” – Jennifer Heymont
  • “If yacht club wins I’ll get a tattoo of the logo” – Survey-taker, Cameron. Bad news, Cameron …

The Tournament Continues

The Final Four survey will be open until 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Will Cameron have to get an unfortunate tattoo? Did Mary really riot? Will we end up with and all Animal Kingdom Lodge championship matchup? (I wouldn’t complain). Come back on Wednesday to find out which two resorts will be battling for the title!

The Final Four is set. Make those votes count!

Any results you didn’t expect? Any tattoo designs to submit for Cameron? Outrage over any eliminated favorites? Let us know in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “TouringPlans WDW Resort Tournament – Final Four

  • I’d like to see an Animal Kingdom Lodge duel.

    • Me too Emerald! We need more folks like us to vote, though. Sneak peek: Kidani is winning its matchup right now (barely) but Jambo is very out-matched against the Poly.


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