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Toy Story Land to Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Next Summer

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Who else is excited to finally get to experience Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Well, beginning in the summer of 2018, Guests will be able to be shrunk down to toy size and experience this all new land.

Toy Story Land


As a reminder, Toy Story Land will feature two brand new attractions. The first is called Slinky Dog Dash and is a roller coaster that the whole family can enjoy.  During Slinky Dog Dash, you’ll zip around many turns and drops that Andy has created to really make Slinky and his coils stretch to his limits.

The second attraction is the Alien Swirling Saucers. It’s designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet. In this ride, Aliens are flying around in their toy flying saucers and trying to capture your rocket toy vehicle with “The Claw.”

So, looks like we only have one year left before we can experience this exciting new land!

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3 thoughts on “Toy Story Land to Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Next Summer

  • Here’s hoping that “Summer 2018” mean another Memorial Day opening like Pandora got this year as I will be at DW in mid-June next year!

  • I appreciate these posts since I don’t follow the Disney Parks Blog and these keep me informed–but if you’re just going to slightly reword a post there, I think good practice is to link to it. It would also clarify that when you say a coming attraction is “fun” or “exciting,” you don’t really have any basis for saying so other than Disney PR.

    • Grateful

      Phew! Thank goodness the internet sheriff paid this story a visit-we appreciate you stepping off your high horse to regulate-things were starting to get out of hand. Thank you for all you do and for keeping the internet properly worded and well-sourced. We are lucky to have you and your nonsense.

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