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Trader Sam Trading Up to a “Gift Shop” in the Jungle Cruise

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For those of you who are unaware, the Jungle Cruise at both the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and at Disneyland is getting a decent refurbishment to rework the update the current story. Recently, the Twitterverse went crazy because  Trader Sam was removed from the attraction at Walt Disney World to make way for updates to his storyline in the attraction. Today, Disney shared what Trader Sam’s storyline would actually be.

Instead of being the “head salesman” he’s now just going to be a “salesman”. That’s because Trader Sam is going to be the new manager of the Lost and Found location, which looks a lot like a gift shop. (Every attraction should have one, right?)

As you can see in the above rendering, Sam is still the best merchant in the jungle. He’s amassed quite a collection, but he won’t be seen anymore….instead he’s out searching for more lost and found loot. So, it’s the animals that are going to be getting the last laugh instead at his location.

As a reminder, with the updated version of the attraction, Guests will follow a skipper and passengers when something goes wrong. Guests will find out more about the crew, in this updated version and it will still keep its same wit and joking nature, but it will include a new story, with more diverse values, and fun and updated details.

This new scene is clearly just one of many updated scenes for this much loved attraction. And good news….the Jungle Cruise enhancements will all be debuting at some point this year!


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3 thoughts on “Trader Sam Trading Up to a “Gift Shop” in the Jungle Cruise

  • as a person of diverse diversity I find the diversity and inclusiveness of the Jungle Cruise to be lacking. I mean where are the arctic scenes or the desert scenes. I think Disney is Geographiphobic and should be called out by all us woke people. Celebrate everything you can think of in every single attraction. Woke Disney= Broke Disney

    • You must be fun at parties

    • Bob, I think you’re looking for the “Arctic Cruise” leaving by Arctic Cat from the broken end of the Expedition Everest track. Watch out for the Yeti! And the “Desert Cruise” leaves by camel (ship of the desert) from somewhere in the northeast corner of the Fort Wilderness area.


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