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REVIEW – Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins Are a Blissful Destination All Their Own

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One of the crowning achievements of the early years of Walt Disney World is still a shining gem to this day. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is a fan favorite, for many reasons. We like to experience Disney resorts first hand so our subscribers and travel agency clients have up t0 date information to make smart decisions about their Walt Disney World vacation.

Chrissy on our team stayed in a Fort Wilderness cabin recently, and she made the most of it. From golf cart rental to exploring the recreational offerings, here’s how to have a blissful stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness in one of the cabins.

Fort Wilderness Cabin – 2600 Loop

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins Review – The Facts

Chrissy and her party stayed in Cabin 2616, which is located in Peacock Pass. Fort Wilderness is so massive. Each group of cabins, RV sites, and primitive camp sites are on a loop off the main roadways that run through the resort. Most of the cabins are near the front of the resort. The 2600 loop, where Chrissy cabin was located, is near the Wilderness Pool, a smaller quiet pool.

Wilderness Swimmin’ Pool (Quiet Pool)
Wilderness Swimmin’ Pool and Laundry Facility

There is parking at each cabin, most with room for two vehicles and a golf cart. Fort Wilderness Resort is built on wetlands that are now protected, and therefore some portions of the roadways and loops are more narrow than others. All cabins are the same size. The vast majority of cabins are located at the front of the resort, but our Room Finder will help you narrow down the best locations to suit your needs.

TouringPlans Room Finder – Fort Wilderness Cabins

Here are the features of Cabin 2616, which would also be the same features of any standard cabin:

  • Sleeps 6 – queen bed, bunk beds, pull out sofa bed
  • Queen bed and bunk beds are in one bedroom at the end of the hall
  • Sleeper sofa is in the main living area
  • Kitchen is stocked with appliances and initial paper and cleaning supplies
  • Full kitchen with full size appliances
    • Dishwasher
    • Fridge / freezer / ice maker
    • 4 slice Sunbeam toaster
    • 12 cup Mr. Coffee machine
    • Kenmore microwave / convection oven
    • 2 burner electric range
    • 2 rolls paper towels
    • 2 regular coffee filters, 1 decaf, 4 creamers, stack of sugar & artificial sweetener
    • Cutting board
    • 2 small bottles dish soap, 2 dish sponges, 3 envelopes dishwasher soap
    • 2 dish towels
    • 1 pot holder
    • Manual can opener
    • Dishes – service for 6 including – 6 coffee cups, mason drinking jars, dinner plates, salad plates, and cereal bowls.
    • Serving Dishes -1 large serving platter, 1 covered casserole dish (oven safe), and 1 oven-safe lasagna pan
    • Other odds and ends – spoon rest, grill tools, drink pitcher with lid, liquid measuring cup
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen and Dining Area
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen Cabinets
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen Cabinets
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen Cabinets
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen Dishwasher
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen Drawers
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen Microwave
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen Refrigerator
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Kitchen
  • Dining area – 3 chairs, 1 bench
  • Televisions – 1 in the main room (47”) and 1 in the bedroom (22”)
  • Front porch with picnic table
  • Charcoal grill outside of the cabin
  • Ironing board, iron, safe (13×5)
  • Room Dimensions
    • Cabin– 11 ft 2 in wide x 40 ft long
    • Bathroom – 7 ft 3in long x 6 ft wide
    • Bedroom – 11 ft 1 in wide x 9 ft 5 in long
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Hallway Into Bedroom
  • Light Meter Reading
    • All were taken with room lights on and curtains closed. It’s a dark room with the curtains closed and all lights on. Bottom bunk kiddo will need a flashlight!
    • Breakfast table 385
    • Kitchen counter 456
    • Hallway 40.1
    • Bathroom vanity 358
    • Bedroom vanity 73.1
    • Nightstand 38.4
    • Pillow on queen bed 292
    • Bottom bunk pillow 6.1
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Door Near Bedroom Leading to Front Porch
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Bedroom
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Bedroom

One of the downsides of the cabin is that the bathroom is self contained, there is no separate vanity area. This makes it a little challenging for more than one person to get ready for the day at the same time. Additionally, the only bedroom of the cabin has both the queen bed and the bunk beds, so the kids are in the same room as the adults. When my husband, toddler, and I stayed in July 2020 we liked this because our son wasn’t even three years old yet. We requested bed rails from the front desk and having them on the bunk bed made for a nice sleeping arrangement. But once our son is older it might be a little rough having him in the same bedroom as us.

Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Bathroom
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Bathroom
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Bathroom
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 -Sleeper Sofa
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 -Sleeper Sofa
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 -Sleeper Sofa
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 -Sleeper Sofa

The sleeper sofa is an option in this case, but it is all the way down the hallway in the living area. There are two doors to get into and out of the cabin, one near the bedroom and the other near the living area. These are all things to consider when thinking about your family and their needs.

Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Living Area
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – View from Bedroom Into Living Area
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Dining Table
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Golf Cart Charging
Fort Wilderness Cabin 2616 – Front Porch
  • There are laundry facilities throughout the resort, but most only have parking for golf carts.
  • For the 2600 loop the closest laundry is connected to the Wilderness Pool area, with golf cart parking only.
  • Laundry rooms offer the same machines, products, and pricing as other resorts, with the added bonus of picnic tables and seating inside.
Wilderness Swimmin’ Pool and Laundry Facility

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Amenities

This resort is full of so many amenities, activities, and space that many guests spend most of their time at the resort rather than the parks. There is one small, quiet pool toward the front of the resort, and a few playgrounds throughout the resort. The main recreation area is the Meadow, which is near the center of the resort. Finally, at the back of the resort is Pioneer Hall. Here you’ll find the marina (with Magic Kingdom boat transportation), a few food and beverage options, the main merchandise shop, and a playground.

Fort Wilderness Marina
Pioneer Hall at Fort Wilderness

Meadow Recreational Area
All of the amenities in the Meadow can be accessed by golf carts, bike, scooter, walking, or internal bus. There is no regular vehicle parking here.

  • Meadow Pool – This is the only pool on property with a slide for big kids and adults. The slide was down for repairs during Chrissy’s visit. Hours 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
  • No towels provided! This is different from every other Disney resort.
  • Capacity – 121 people
  • Hot Tub / Spa – capacity 12 people, max time = 15 minutes
  • Splash Area / Aquatic Play Area – in a fenced in area next to the main pool. Down for refurb while we were there. Capacity = 23 people
  • Meadow Snack Bar – quick, casual bites that are perfect for poolside dining. Basic cocktails, beer, and wine too.
  • Bike Barn – open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    • Bike rentals
    • AP discounts on canoe, kayak, and boat rentals
    • Fishing and sporting equipment rentals
  • L&B Gem Mining – bags can be purchased at the Bike Barn behind the Meadow pool and down the path.
    • Paydirt / small bag $9.00
    • Emerald Strike / medium bag $15.00
    • Mother Lode / large bag $30.00
    • Gem bags can ben sifted in a sluice (provided by the Bike Barn folks when you buy gems) at the Assay Station which has running water from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. while the Bike Barn is open. Gem guide is also on site.
Gem Mining at Fort Wilderness
Gem Mining at Fort Wilderness

  • Tennis Courts – open from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Play is limited to 1 hour if other people are waiting to play
  • Volleyball – not available currently
Meadow Swimmin’ Pool at Fort Wilderness – April 2021
Meadow Water Playground – Refurbishment April 2021
Meadow Water Slide – Refurbishment April 2021
Meadow Water Slide – Refurbishment April 2021
Meadow Water Playground – Refurbishment April 2021
Meadow Swimmin’ Pool at Fort Wilderness
Meadow Swimmin’ Pool at Fort Wilderness – April 2021

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins are dog friendly. There is a dog park with an adorable name, Waggin’ Trails Dog Park. It is located on Big Pine Drive and is closer to the back / water side of the resort. It is open from dawn to dusk. Pet owners are asked to have control of their dog at all times and clean up after them. There are two separate, gated areas, one for small dogs under 30 lbs, and the other for large dogs more than 30 lbs. There are waste bags in each area and hoses. Each gated area has covered shelters with picnic tables so humans have somewhere to sit while their dogs play. A large playground for non-furry children is right next to the dog park, with a little kid and a big kid area, and is also fenced in.

Waggin’ Trails Dog Park at Fort Wilderness
Waggin’ Trails Dog Park at Fort Wilderness

Outdoor movies are a beloved feature of all Disney resorts. But at Fort Wilderness the experience is “of the first water” (that’s cowboy speak for being the best). Unfortunately, right now the elements that make the outdoor movies so special here at Fort Wilderness are temporarily unavailable.  Chip ‘n Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long (presented by OFF!) is normally offered at an outdoor theater located next to the Meadow Recreational Area. The entertainment aspect of the Chip ‘n Dale sing-a-long is currently not offered, but movies are still offered. You can also purchase S’more packs (chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, sticks) from the Chuck Wagon near Pioneer Hall or from both merchandise locations – Meadow Trading Post and Settlement Trading Post. Campfire movie schedules were posted in several locations all over the resort. Movies are always G rated and start at 8:00 p.m.

Campfire Movie Area at Fort Wilderness
Campfire Movie Area at Fort Wilderness
Campfire Movie Schedule at Fort Wilderness – April 2021

What would a wilderness themed resort be without horses? The Tri-Circle-D Ranch is located at the front of the resort. There is also a small pony pen near Pioneer Hall. Pony rides are offered for children age 2 and older, under 80 pounds, and they must be able to sit up by themselves. Chrissy and her family didn’t do this, but they did get to see a pony, and that’s almost as good. Hours are 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and $8.00 + tax per child. Pony rides are currently only available on a walk-in basis.

Over at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch there are full grown horses, many of which perform different roles at the Disney theme parks. Horseback trail rides can be reserved at (407) 939-7529, at $55 per person + tax,  for a 45 minute ride. The trail is separate from the resort’s roads so you’ll see natural Florida beauty, and a side of the resort than many guests do not get a chance to witness. Reservations are not required, but are recommended, and all riders must be age 9 or older. Close-toe shoes are required, and you must be 48 inches tall and weigh under 250lbs. Wagon rides and Carriage rides are not currently available.

Would you like to see horses without paying? Trail guides start their rides at the Trail Blaze Corral at the front of the resort near the Outpost / Check-in area. Chrissy hung around gawking at the horses until one of the kind Cast Members let Chrissy pet one (Ranger). But you do not need to resort to this method, you can follow the walkway to the Tri-Circle-D Ranch stables and walk through to see Cinderella’s Ponies and a few horses of Main Street, U.S.A. There’s also the calliope that Walt Disney purchased for the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Parade at Disneyland Park.

Meadow Trading Post – Fort Wilderness
Meadow Trading Post – Fort Wilderness
Meadow Trading Post – Fort Wilderness
Settlement Trading Post – Merchandise Shop Near Pioneer Hall
Settlement Trading Post – Cooler
Settlement Trading Post – Dry Groceries

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Transportation

Because this resort is so vast and spread out, the transportation can be frustrating. Chrissy rented a golf cart, which we recommend doing for ease with getting around the resort. To access the theme parks you will need to head to the front of the resort where the park bus terminal is located. There are internal buses that continuously run throughout the resort, but only stop at other destinations within the resort, and do not go to the parks.

  • 14 bus stops throughout the resort.
  • 12 of 14 are internal stops – these are buses that take you around the resort in a loop.
  • You cannot get on a resort bus on 12 of the 14 stops. For example, stops at the following loops will only take you to other stops in the resort and will not take you to a park- 2800, 2600, 2200, 2000, etc.
  • All of the “numbered” stops are just to pick up guests at those cabins or campsites.
  • The only two bus stops that will see buses that go to parks are:
    • The Outpost Bus Stop – this is at the front of the resort near check in. EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs.
      • A Cast Member told Chrissy that although it isn’t on the map, a MK bus will stop here but it’s only once every hour or so.
    • Settlement Outpost – Magic Kingdom bus
  • Guests can take a boat to the Magic Kingdom from the Marina, which is at the back of the resort near Pioneer Hall.
    • When we were there the boats looked to be frequent! We were told the frequency depends on occupancy. We went during spring break.
    • If your cabin or site is near Pioneer Hall, some guests indicate they like to take the Magic Kingdom boat over and then use the monorail to get to the TTC then transfer to EPCOT. Sadly, that is not an option right now as the EPCOT monorail is not running.
Driving Around Fort Wilderness
Fort Wilderness Bus Stop 1500
Fort Wilderness Marina – Magic Kingdom Boat Area
Fort Wilderness Marina – Magic Kingdom Boat Area
Fort Wilderness Marina – Magic Kingdom Boat Area
  • Golf Cart Rentals
    • Reservations are not required but are recommended. Unreserved carts are rented on a first come/first served basis.
    • Externally – you can call (407) 824-2742 to make a reservation up to 1 year in advance
    • Internally – you can call 7-2742 for reservations
    • The Disney website says carts are $62.91 + tax but the Bike Barn shows the rate as $67.00 per day.
    • Golf carts are picked up at the green umbrella outside the Outpost near check-in and returned to the same area.
    • Golf carts have a 10-foot charging cord under the back seat that retracts when not in use. Each cabin has an outlet just under the cabin number.
    • It was no problem to park two cars and the golf cart on the side with enough room to charge.
Fort Wilderness Reception Outpost
Fort Wilderness Reception Outpost
Fort Wilderness Reception Outpost
Golf Cart Rental Near Fort Wilderness Reception Outpost

Dining at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Currently the two signature dining experiences offered at Fort Wilderness Lodge are not open: Trail’s End Restaurant and the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue. There are, however, three other dining locations available at this time.

  • P&J’s Southern Takeout
    • This is the only mobile order location on property.
    • There is inside and outdoor seating
    • Located near the back of property, near Pioneer Hall
    • No car parking – only golf cart, bike, etc.
  • Meadow Snack Bar
    • Open for lunch and dinner
    • Quick service located at The Meadow Pool
    • Outdoor seating and pool seating
    • Basic cocktails, beer, and wine also available
  • Crockett’s Tavern
    • Outside walk-up order only
    • Hours 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Chuck Wagon
    • Camper parked between Pioneer Hall / P&J’s and the Marina
    • Open daily 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Fort Wilderness Chuck Wagon
Fort Wilderness Chuck Wagon Menu
Fort Wilderness Crockett’s Tavern Serving Outside
Fort Wilderness Crockett’s Tavern Menu
Fort Wilderness P&J’s Southern Takeout
Fort Wilderness P&J’s Southern Takeout
Fort Wilderness P&J’s Southern Takeout Fried Chicken

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Review Wrap-Up

Although Chrissy only stayed one night, it felt like getting away from it all, while being near all the magic. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is beloved by families, especially the cabins. With a full kitchen and dining area, as well as an outdoor charcoal grill and outdoor seating area it is easy to save some money, or even just heat up some leftovers from last night’s magical meal. It’s hard to beat waking up in the wilderness surrounded by natural beauty, and Disney magic.

Have you ever stayed in a cabin at Fort Wilderness? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “REVIEW – Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins Are a Blissful Destination All Their Own

  • I’m sorry but you’re misleading people. We stayed there last Labor Day weekend. The rooms look nothing like in your picture. They are dirty and in need of renovation. Most cabins are surrounded by swampy water. And God forbid you have one wheel of a vehicle of the concrete driveway, cause you’ll get a warning from Disney….. while they park their vehicles wherever they want. Most certainly not worth what you pay for them a night.

  • Curious about the walk from the cabins to the boat dock. We will be staying in the cabins for just a couple nights in the summer. We were not planning on getting a golf cart, but want to use the boat transportation. Walking does not bother us, but I would like to know the approximate distance.

    • Hey Tammra, thanks for your question. I checked Google Maps and used the 2600 as my starting point, then Pioneer Hall as my destination. It calculates a 25 minute walk and a 1.2 mile distance. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you.

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