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Tram Changes at Epcot

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If you haven’t been to Epcot lately, there are significant changes to get you from the parking lot to the main entrance. The area where trams used to drop off guests is no longer accessible, and so tram rides now take you from the parking lot. . .  to a closer part of the parking lot. Think of it as express service to the preferred parking area from the rest of the parking lot. No word yet on how long construction will continue, but judging by the amount of work going on, this will continue for at least several months more, if not longer.

There are now two tram lines running in the Epcot parking lot. The West Tram service Journey (rows 1-10, although this is basically where the tram starts running), Discover (rows 11-25), Amaze (rows 27-38), and Create (rows 39-54). The East Tram services Imagine (rows 55-67), Explore (rows 68-83), and Wonder (rows 86-103).

In general, if you’re parking at Epcot and not parked in a lot like Create or Wonder, it usually is faster to walk in than to take the tram, and given all the walking you’ll be doing at Epcot in a typical day anyhow, walking in the parking lot doesn’t put that much more mileage on your pedometer. With the new tram routes, this is even more true — you will still have to walk in from essentially the Journey or Imagine lot to the front entrance of the park.

Walk to the West Tram loading area.

There is signage to help you find your way to the correct parking lot or tram pickup area, and the mesh fences around the construction work help guide you to the entrance.

In the past, during peak times for arrival, guests were able to be shifted between the bag check stations on either side of the monorail station. With the construction, it looks unlikely that adjustments like that can be easily made. One bag check area will be used by those coming in by monorail or bus, the other will be used by guests walking or taking a tram in from the parking lot. Expect that in the mornings, bag check lines for parking lot guests may be longer than usual, and add a little extra time.

And, as always, when dealing with construction, remember to pack your patience and look for signs to help direct you to where you need to go.

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2 thoughts on “Tram Changes at Epcot

  • My thought on the changes are that they may need to rename the Epcot parking lots (World Showcase theme is West lot and Future World theme is East lot) and have separate loading and unloading stations similar to the Heroes and Villains parking lot at Magic Kingdom. That way the there would be no long tram rides. There could be a great chance that the parking lot may have an expansion as well.

  • That reminds me I want to park at TTS and monorail to Epcot for the view! 😛

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