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Trivia Tuesday: Why Stay at a Walt Disney World VALUE Resort Hotel? + Video

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Photo - TouringPlans.comWelcome back to Trivia Tuesday!

Today, I’m going to discuss the pros of staying at a Walt Disney World VALUE Resort Hotel.

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Angela Dahlgren

Angela is cohost of the TouringPlans Podcast and regular contributor to the TouringPlans YouTube channel. When she's not talking about the happiest place on earth, she spends her time entertaining her own little Minnie and Mickey Mouse. You can find her on twitter @AngelaDahlgren or via email -

4 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday: Why Stay at a Walt Disney World VALUE Resort Hotel? + Video

  • We typically stay in the Value resorts to save money. We spend most of our time in the parks anyway so this works for us. The rooms are definitely small. For two adults and two kids (11 and 13) the single room is really getting too small. I prefer Pop Century. At least the bus is often less crowded. I haven’t stayed at Art of Animation. I didn’t see it listed as having single rooms available in addition to family suites. I will look for it next time. The All Stars are definitely starting to show their age. Although very clean, years of heavy use eventually take their toll. We were there in early December and made the mistake of staying at All Star Sports during the Pop Warner Super Bowl. I will never do that again. The hotel was over run with people. You expect crowds at Disney. However one Pop Warner coach told me there were 30,000 people in town for the whole week of games. I think many were staying at All Star Sports! Unfortunately the crowd of people was definitely much rougher than I have usually experienced at Disney. There were gangs of teens roaming all corners of the hotel at all hours. The worst part was the parents or perhaps older relatives. They congregated outside of each other’s hotel rooms in portable chairs in groups as large as 10 or 12. Many were openly drinking and many were smoking – completely ignoring the designated smoking areas. There were multiple times when my son and I heard loud cursing and yelling. This group also threw trash everywhere. The normally pristine grounds were littered with cigarette butts, empty bottles and every other manner of trash. Disney did their best to clean up. Each time I spotted trash it was gone the next day. But even so it was disappointing to see this. Disney also had a heavy security presence. But they couldn’t prevent the coarse behavior and language. They seemed to mostly be trying to make sure nothing worse happened and the midnight curfew was enforced. While we still had a great time in the parks, the combination of Sports’ age and the poor behavior of many hotel guests during this time have ruined me on Sports. I will do my best not to come during Pop Warner time again. And I will avoid the All Stars or spring for a moderate resort next time.

    • James,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences staying at the Value Resorts. It’s amazing how the atmosphere can change when larger groups reside at a resort (not just Disney…any hotel!). It makes for crowded busing to and from the parks, and definitely a louder and more noisy experience! I’m glad Disney did their best to maintain the situation and still attempt a pleasant experience for you and the other guests.

      I appreciate the comment. Have a great weekend!


  • We stayed at Pop Century a couple months ago and I really enjoyed it. Yes, the room is a trifle smaller but still more than adequate. And the buildings are almost dormitory-like. But I think anyone would be happy there unless specifically looking for the somewhat higher level of amenities at a moderate or deluxe resort (table service restaurant, animals at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, park view at the Contemporary, etc.)

    But you said almost nothing about the All Stars.

    • Len,

      I’m glad you enjoyed your stay at Pop Century. In order to keep the video on the shorter side, I chose to highlight only a couple of the Value resorts. I plan on doing the same when I showcase the moderate and deluxe resorts, so let me know which ones you’d like me to enhance on and I’ll do my best!

      Thanks for the comment!



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