Unique Merchandise Finds of the Week

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Anyone else completely stressed over holiday shopping this year? If you’re just not sure what to get someone, or maybe you’re participating in a secret Santa gift exchange, maybe some of our latest merchandise finds will inspire some holiday magic.

At Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, inside the adorable Bou-Tiki, our team spotted a vibrant and funky HARVEYS bag featuring artwork by Shag of the original Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar. Both the original Trader Sam’s location in Disneyland, and the location at the Polynesian are currently not operating. But this colorful bag makes it easy to daydream of evenings spent sipping on tropical rum drinks with enchanting effects and interaction found at Trader Sam’s.

HARVEYS Trader Sam’s Bag

Just across Seven Seas Lagoon at Magic Kingdom our team spotted some helpful touchless tools. These metal widgets have become a popular tool to have on one’s keychain. It can be used for pressing buttons on a keypad or elevator, or helping to pull a door open. Of course, being Disney property, these touchless tools have Disney designs on them.

Disney Touchless Tools
Disney Touchless Tools
Disney Park Pals Collectabuilds

Another popular tag along at Disney are the Park Pals. These little figures have hands that allow them to attach to clothing, purse straps, backpacks, and other items so you can have a Disney character tag along with you throughout the day. Now these Park Pals are sold in a “Collectabuilds” box where you will receive 1 of 12 possible characters, and you can build a Disney ride vehicle using the box the collectable character comes in.

Monsters Inc. Tumbler
Monsters Inc. Tumbler

If you know anyone who screams without their morning coffee, or perhaps needs to be screamed at in order to remember to drink water, consider this Monsters Inc. tumbler. This tumbler looks just like the scare canisters used by the monsters to capture children’s screams in order to power Monstropolis. Thank goodness they learned laughter is more powerful than screams. This tumbler, however, is stuck in the past and will actually scream with the push of a button.

Do you have any holiday shopping left to do? Are any of these items now on your shopping list?


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