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Update on Grace, the Animal Kingdom’s Baby Gorilla

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a new baby Gorilla and I am in love.

Kashata and Gino’s baby girl, Grace, is nearly a month old and she’s busy making sure the western lowland gorilla enclosure maintains the largest crowds on Gorilla Falls Trail at the Animal Kingdom. If your Touring Plan doesn’t include this attraction, you may want to make time for the walk to view the newest member of the AK family.

Here’s a video of when I first saw her on May 7 when she was just six days old.

We stopped by again to coo over the adorable baby gorilla and the cast member on duty gave us an update on our favorite primate. According to the cast member, Grace is healthy and steadily gaining weight. Like all newborns, she spends all of her time either eating or sleeping and is never out of her mother’s grasp.

Grace and Kashata on May 22

Animal Kingdom keepers did not have any physical contact with Grace in her first few weeks to allow the mother-child bond to develop. All weight and height calculations were visual estimates made by experienced staff.

One stand-out fact that we learned yesterday is that cast members are trying to keep the noise levels in front of the enclosure glass low. The glass is shatter proof but isn’t noise proof and Kashata and the other gorillas can become irritated when guests are too loud.

A few days later, May 28 and she’s already bigger

Additionally, the ropes guarding the glass aren’t just a kind suggestion. They’re a firm barrier that should not be crossed by guests – not even small children trying to get a clear view or arms reaching out to get a better picture. The gorillas may feel threatened or irritated by tapping on the glass or unfamiliar figures in their living space.

All of the rules and precautions seem to be doing mother and baby lots of good. Kashata can often be seen stroking Grace’s back or cradling the baby as she snoozes on her mother’s tummy. Whatever they’re up to during your visit, it’s bound to be precious and is certainly worthy of the respect and consideration any new family deserves.

Are you planning a trip to visit Grace? Let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Update on Grace, the Animal Kingdom’s Baby Gorilla

  • I was working Gorilla Falls yesterday at the Gorilla habitat. Grace is such a sweet girl.

  • I am going to visit Grace for the first time in a week and half!


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