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Using the TouringPlans Lines 2.0 App for Spontaneous Touring

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Planning a trip to Disney World looks a little different these days; and since new situations call for new tools, the TouringPlans Lines app was updated in 2020 and early 2021 for iOS and Android devices! Today I’m going to show you how to utilize the app’s Ride Now/Ride Anytime feature for those looking to experience the parks spontaneously!

While it’s true touring plans save you time in line, sometimes it’s fun to throw out the schedule and just enjoy the parks on a whim. If this is you, the Lines 2.0 app offers a Ride Now/Ride Anytime feature so you know when it’s the perfect time to ride an attraction or when it’s best to wait.

Let’s get started with the app’s homepage where I’m going to select Animal Kingdom for our spontaneous park day…

Once I select the Animal Kingdom icon, the Animal Kingdom page lists all of the park’s shows and attractions along with a brief ride description, our readers’ ratings, height requirements, and Disney’s posted wait times along with our actual expected wait times.

Now if you’re enjoying the parks without a plan, and you have a list of attractions you want to check out, you need to know about the app’s Ride Now suggestion which I’ve underlined in the image above. This appears when an attraction’s wait time is either at its lowest or when the wait times are about to go up. This is how you know whether or not to jump in the queue or check back later.

Now if you click on one of these attractions, here’s what you will see…

Along with additional attraction information, you will again see Ride Now along with a full breakdown on why now is the best time to ride and when the wait times will go up.

If you continue to scroll, you can also see a chart illustrating the projected wait times throughout the day.

So here’s the thing. If you’re at the park with no plan but still want to enjoy some attractions, log in to the Lines 2.0 app look for attractions saying Ride Now and jump in their queues. This way, you can still save time in line even though you’re there with no plan! Genius!

In addition to Ride Now, you may also see Ride Anytime or See Any Show when scrolling through your park’s list of attractions…

These additional attractions can be counted on to have little to no wait at all throughout the day allowing for optimal spontaneity!

Now you know that it IS possible to tour the parks sans schedule and with minimal waits. Just let the Lines 2.0 app be your guide!

Do you enjoy touring the parks with no plan? Do you love this Lines 2.0 feature? Let us know in the comments.


First published November 5, 2020. Updates September 20, 2021.

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