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Wait…Is That A Dragon?

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A mysterious message has come out from Disney. Over on the Disney Parks Blog, Social Media Managing Editor Gary Buchanan posted a link to a new Tumblr account focusing on the his love for and potential search for a dragon. He also posts a video which showcases his best evidence for the hunt.

This dragon sighting is said to have something to do with the New Fantasyland, as is noted in the Tumblr blog. Could this be related to the dragon that was seen flying over Shafter’s Minter Field this summer?

Whatever this new focus on dragons is, one thing is certain, I can’t wait to find out more! And I hope that we find out more soon, what with New Fantasyland’s “Premiere” in just a few short weeks! For now, all we can do is “Believe in Fantasy” and follow along as Gary goes on a quest to find out if whatever it was that he saw, really was a dragon.

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