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Walk-Around Characters of Galaxy’s Edge

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Part of the immersive nature of Galaxy’s Edge comes from the interactions with the people of Black Spire. And while you won’t see Darth Vader strolling around — in fact, many of the characters may fall in the “new” category for many Star Wars fans — there are enough walk-around characters to give a galactic vibe to the entire place.

Here’s some photos of characters that we spotted during our time in Galaxy’s Edge.


Rey: You can often find Rey, hero of Episodes VII through IX, around the entrance to the Rise of the Resistance ride in the Rebel Outpost.


Kylo Ren: Look for Kylo near the First Order part of Galaxy’s Edge. (Be careful–he has a temper!)


Stormtroopers: You never know where Stormtroopers will show up, and they have no problem interrogating people of all ages about their allegiance.


Vi Modari: Unless you’re a pretty hardcore Star Wars fan, chances are Vi will be a new character for you to meet. In a nutshell, Vi is General Leia Organa’s top spy for the Resistance, and she’s on the run from the First Order. Don’t be surprised if she comes up to you and asks for you to keep an eye out for Stormtroopers or to help with a distraction so she can get away.


The good news for her is that it’s really hard to see in those Stormtrooper helmets!


Chewbacca: Probably the most familiar of the Star Wars characters to appear in Galaxy’s Edge, Chewie can be found keeping an eye on the Millennium Falcon or over in the Rebel Outpost.


Citizens of Batuu: More than any other land in a Disney park, the Citizens of Batuu absolutely sell the authenticity of the experience by fully embracing their roles.

Who are you most excited to meet on your visits to Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Walk-Around Characters of Galaxy’s Edge

  • I would love if they added Poe Dameron, Finn, and Rose Tico to the roster of Galaxy’s Edge characters.

  • Do any of these characters sign autographs, or are they strictly photos only?

  • I’m pretty mixed with this character line up we only have 5 characters, (6 if you count the Citizens of Batuu) I don’t think 5 is enough to really sell the experience, hasen’t Disney teased us in the past that they will have roaming droids and alien characters walking around in Galaxy’s Edge?

  • It’s pretty bad when your first typo is so early in your article it is included in Google’s blurb. You might want to hire a proofreader if you’re too sloppy to catch them yourself.

    • Thanks for the feedback–the article has been fixed.

  • Cool. Really cool. But just once, I’d love to walk into Oga’s and see a couple princesses, Pluto, Buzz Lightyear, and maybe Captain Hook putting back a cold one!

  • I have very little familiarity with “extended universe” characters (or whatever you call characters who didn’t show up in a movie). I will need to do some homework before my August visit, apparently.

    • Have no fear — aside from Cast Members who are “generic” citizens of Batuu (and so no detailed back story to know for each of them), the only walk-around character you’ll see who was not in a movie yet is Vi Modari. (She’s a lot of fun, though, so I’m hoping she’ll be in Episode IX.) The rest of the walk-around characters are key individuals from the movies.

      Within the Smugglers Run ride (i.e., the Millennium Falcon ride), you do run into an individual named Hondo Ohnaka who appears in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels animated series, but you don’t need to know anything about him or his story to enjoy the ride. The queue and the pre-show go on the premise that the average guest may not know anything about Star Wars aside from there’s a spaceship involved.

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