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Walt Disney World Annual Passes Will Go On Sale Soon!

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One of the questions I get asked the most, besides when the Disney Dining Plan is coming back (and it is), is when will Walt Disney World will begin selling Annual Passes again. They were suspended when the parks closed due to COVID and while current passholders can renew, Guests who want to purchase new passes have been out of luck; they just simply aren’t available. However, today, Disney did share a glimmer of hope.

That’s because they announced that they would begin selling Walt Disney World annual passes in time for the start of the 50th anniversary celebration! (Reminder….the 50th celebration kicks off on October 1!)

Disney shared that additional information and details about when passes would go on sale would be announced later this month! This is HUGE news!

We’ll make sure to keep you updated on the details when they get released officially.

As a reminder, Disney did share the details of the new Disneyland version of their updated annual pass called Magic Key today. Details about that can be found here.

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4 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Annual Passes Will Go On Sale Soon!

  • The disappointing thing is – if the WDW new annual passes are going to be like the Disneyland new annual passes – Magic Key passes – is that you can only make reservations for 6 days. If we were going to WDW twice in a year it made sense to us to buy annual passes as we usually go for a month one of the times. It doesn’t make sense now for us to buy annual passes as we don’t want to be travelling all the way to Florida from the U.K. to find that we can’t get reservations for WDW for more than 6 days. It’s getting very close to making it far too expensive to bother going to WDW – it will soon be somewhere where only the very rich will be able to afford to go which would be such a pity for so many people. If they decide that we will have to pay for fastpasses too that’s another reason for going somewhere else on holiday!!! What an absolute shame.

    • Prior to the pandemic, didn’t Disney have special passes for those outside the US? I seem to recall a 14 day ticket being available to U.K. residents, and the longest ticket available to U.S. residents was 10 days.

      Anyway, I can’t imagine Disney will alienate their overseas visitors and offer some sort of different option than they do for U.S. visitors.

      • Yes we can buy 21 day WDW tickets in the U.K. but it’s far cheaper to buy annual passes if we are coming to WDW twice in a year.

    • Current WDW Annual Passholders can only make 3 Park Pass Reservations in advance. If you are staying at a Disney resort or a good neighbor hotel you can make Park Pass Reservations for the length of your stay. I would be happy if they bumped the limit to 6.

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