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What I Love: Main Street Guardian Angels

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In today’s edition of What I Love, AnnieLaurie Walters (Liner name zetafivealpha) is taking us way back to the 80s and the time she met her guardian angels at Magic Kingdom. Here’s her story.

Summer, 1988. Eleven-year-old AnnieLaurie Crane (me) is lining up near the hub with her parents to see the Main Street Electrical Parade. We grabbed a spot on a bench about 45 minutes before start-time. I was eleven and bored waiting so asked to go to the Emporium. I walked over probably about 50 feet—if that— to have a look at some souvenirs and pass the time. About 30 minutes later I walk out of the Emporium into a wall of people. Mind you, this was not only my first trip to WDW, it was my first family vacation. Needless to say I panicked. I couldn’t get through the crowd, cast members were managing crowds on the sidewalks, and I was literally stuck. I knew I wasn’t lost but I was definitely freaking out. I ran into the street about 5 minutes before the parade began and a cast member rushed to me asking me to return to the sidewalk. I told him I was separated from my parents and he suggested I wait until the parade was over then head to City Hall and they would help me there. So I shuffled back onto the sidewalk and may have had a few tears at this point. There was a family there who noticed me and took me in. They were so kind, asked where I was from, and welcomed me to stick with them until the show was over. I don’t think I ever got their names. All I remember is that they were from Georgia. So the parade begins and the first few floats pass by. Then thunder. And the bottom dropped out. Rain is pouring, people are scattering. I turn around and right behind me we’re my parents on the exact same park bench. The rain cleared the sidewalk so that I could see them. Before running to them I turned to thank the family but they were gone. Now given the rain this is not surprising. But I decided that they were angels who disappeared once was safe with my family. And since that day I love telling people the story of how I met my guardian angels at the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Thank you so much for that story! I think everyone has a memory at one time or another where they get separated from their family and have a panic moment–or as a parent losing a child for a few minutes in public. It really is great to know there’s so many helpful people around. And that 1980s Minnie picture from the trip? Totally rad!

 If you haven’t had a chance to send in your memory and photos, please submit them to christina@touringplans.com and we will include you in this series. 

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