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What to Expect With New Live Entertainment Offerings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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©Rikki Niblett
©Rikki Niblett

Details are slowly trickling out about the new nighttime experiences that will be a part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom beginning on April 22. Last week, we learned about what Guests can expect with Kilimanjaro Safaris. We now know some more information about what Guests will be able to experience during the nighttime entertainment offerings.

Each night, there will be two evening parties. The Discovery Island Carnivale invites Guests into a dance party experience that features Latin drumming and worldly rhythms. The Discovery Island Carnivale will occur on Discovery Island. The Carnivale will celebrate the magic of nature and will include Spirited Islanders, who are dancers and stilt walkers; The Viva Gaia band; and Danza del Arpa, a Paraguayan harpist.

Over in the Africa section, in Harambe, Guests can enjoy a lively street party by way of the Harambe Wildlife Parti. During the Parti, Guests will come in contact with a number of entertainment acts including the Karibu Sisters who will sing and dance through Harambe; Muziki, a music man who joins the Harambe drum circle; and The Harambe Meetkats, who are a soccer team by day, but turn into the Harambe Village Acrobats at night.

Showtimes for the entertainment will be scheduled, so you won’t miss an act.

I cannot wait to catch these new entertainment offerings, as they will bring new life to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the evening hours.


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    Noticed a small mis-spelling:

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  • Dean Finder

    Isn’t a Central/South American festival somewhat out of theme for AK?

  • calcprof

    Does anyone know the hours that AK will be open after April 22?

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