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Where Your TouringPlans Subscription Money Goes

Coming soon, there will be a modest price increase for a TouringPlans subscription, going from $15.95 to $17.95 (50 cents of which is just an increase to match inflation). This price increase will happen at 12:01 AM ET on Sunday, February 14, 2020. With the development of new features in recent years, and with several new projects in the works, we figured that this was the right time for a price adjustment.

Since our last price increase in 2018, we’ve debuted many new features and improvements, and we’ve increased our in-park research in size and scope. Here’s some of what we’ve accomplished, along with a preview of what’s currently in the works.

Lines 2.0 App

By far, the biggest leap forward for TouringPlans is the introduction of the Lines 2.0 app. With a completely redesigned user interface, but still including all the tools you love, this app has been released to tremendous reviews. You can read about all the features of Lines 2.0 here.

A Guide to the Features of Lines 2.0

Pre-Opening Wait Times and Touring Plans

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – January 4, 2021

You asked, we answered. Because Disney theme parks quietly open on most days before the posted hours, and because that is the best time to hit headliner attractions with minimal waits, we have started providing pre-opening wait times and provide support for pre-opening steps in touring plans through the Lines 2.0 app. This can help you save a tremendous amount of time in line by seeing high-demand attractions first thing in the morning.

Increased In-Park Research

Cinderella Castle – December 17, 2020

The past couple of years has seen major changes to Disney theme parks. From the opening of one of Disney’s most ambitious lands on both coasts with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to the total overhaul of how theme parks operate following COVID-19 reopenings, we have improved our tools to provide users with the information they need to know. Only some of this can be done through algorithms and statistical analysis. An important part is real-world testing. That is why we’ve significantly increased our in-park research team presence. We now have at least one researcher in a Disney theme park every day.

Some of what our in-park research team does includes:

  • Tracking crowd patterns to improve accuracy for touring plans and wait time forecasts
  • Updating ride closures–and openings
  • Collecting data for the statistical analysis team
  • Providing daily mask compliance counts to include in our daily wait time analysis blog posts
  • Responding in real time to social media questions, live from the park
  • Verifying theme park menus to keep the Lines 2.0 dining data up to date
  • And yes, trying every cupcake in the park to see which ones are worth your money

So what’s on the horizon?

Looking ahead, there are many exciting TouringPlans projects in development. Optimal turn-by-turn walking directions inside the parks using GPS is the next big thing we’re working on.  With that, we’ll be able to tell you step by step how to get from one place in the park to another, in the shortest amount of time. We’re also working on a prototype for walking directions that uses augmented reality (AR) to guide you on your route.  Imagine giant Mickey Mouse gloves floating in space along the walkway in Tomorrowland, pointing out the path to follow to your destination.  Once we get the GPS and point-to-point walking directions done, this would be the next step.  And beyond that, we think there’s a lot of ways AR can help guests in the parks.

As a TouringPlans subscriber, your subscription helps provide the funding for these new developments, but beyond that your support and feedback provides valuable information about how we should proceed in the future. We know many of our subscribers have been with us for years, but whether you are a long-time Liner or a new subscriber, we are thankful for the trust you put in our time-tested technology to help you have your best vacation experience ever.

Do you have any features you’d like to see in the future at TouringPlans? Let us know in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “Where Your TouringPlans Subscription Money Goes

  • TP is probably the best, most comprehensive, and most responsive service of any kind, in any discipline, I’ve ever come across. I’m trying to think of a better-conceived one…. Perhaps I will at some point… but right now I’m failing to do so.

  • Please just take my money. Your tools are second to none and I will gladly pay the cost!

    I would like to hear or read a follow up to your efforts to bring more diversity to the team. Your post following George Floyd’s death was beautifully written and I’m looking to you as a beacon of hope for how change is made. Thanks for everything. Great work!

  • I have been a touring plan subscriber solidly for I think 15 years. Whether it’s for practical advice I need or just planning as my own sort of Disney sudoku. It’s really worth it. I would like to see the ability to say you’re at the park early and have it change the plans as you are making them. Not just live. I know right now it’s too unpredictable. But it wasn’t before. You could predict if you were going to get to the park 15 minutes early versus a half an hour early what your lines would be versus getting there at the opening. And the app has never been able to accommodate that. I’d also like to see or have access to the wait times at the rides when I have a plan open on the phone app at this point I think I have to leave and go to parks mode and cannot see my plan. As a third thing I would like to be able to have a slider function that goes from packing everything in tightly to spreading it out throughout the time that I say I will be in the park. There are many times that I have found a ride put in early that could actually go later in the day as I plan on being there the whole day with less time waiting and less walking. But it’s packed in to put as much free time as possible at the end of the day which is not a priority for me. It would be nice to have it as a choice like how fast you walk or whether you would rather walk or wait. Pack it in or spread it out. To be clear these are not complaints just things that I would like to see I appreciate what you’re doing

  • For starters, I think the Touring Plans service is awesome and have 2 active subscriptions (WDW and UO). Adding a few dollars to the cost does not change my view whatsoever of the value you guys provide.

    With this said, I have very much been wondering how to plan around the early park open times and what rides to prioritize. I don’t see the pre-opening guidance in the app or in the touring plans. Where is this info? With fast passes no longer in the mix, I think this is vital info for planning.

  • To be honest? I would be glad to pay the subscription for access to the “Liners” in the chat. Great app, love marking wait times, keep up the great work.

  • The subscription is well worth the money. We love everything you do from the great podcast to the wonderful service. We will keep support you no matter the price increase.

  • Thank you for everything! Is there a way to access the 2.0 style info via a website like the capability? When I’m at home on the couch, it’s easier to use a laptop than my tiny phone.

  • Anyone that goes to a Disney park without a Touring Plans subscription is insane. Doesn’t matter if they only go once every few years or are an AP holder.

    The idea of using AR to guide something through the park is awesome! I hope it is something that is really feasible to accomplish.

  • I truly appreciate the whole TouringPlans team! Thank you all for keeping the cost as low and reasonable for us as possible while doing all that you do to keep us informed and help us plan amazing Disney trips!

  • Even though I only make it to the parks every three years or so, I will probably be a lifetime subscriber to touring plans. The assistance I get planning my park days, choosing my resort, getting my dinner reservations is invaluable. The work that your company puts into making my Park days better is tremendous! I realize I am privileged, as most of us who get to go to Disney on a regular basis are, to be able to afford this price increase. Thank you again for all your hard work!

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