Listing our rating (or the author's rating) of each attraction at Blizzard Beach. Five stars is highest rating. Click on the "Attraction Name" and "Our Rating" headers to sort the list.

Our Rating of Blizzard Beach Attractions
Attraction Name Our Rating
Chair Lift Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
Cross Country Creek Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Downhill Double Dipper Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Melt-Away Bay Wave Pool Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Runoff Rapids Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
Ski Patrol Training Camp Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
Slush Gusher Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Snowstormers Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
Summit Plummet Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Teamboat Springs Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
Tike's Peak Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
Toboggan Racers Star_blackStar_blackStar_black_half

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