Listing our rating (or the author's rating) of each attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Five stars is highest rating. Click on the "Attraction Name" and "Our Rating" headers to sort the list.

Our Rating of Disney's Animal Kingdom Attractions
Attraction Name Our Rating
Affection Section Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Conservation Station Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
DINOSAUR Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Discovery Island Trails Star_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Divine Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Festival of the Lion King Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Finding Nemo - The Musical Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Flights of Wonder Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Habitat Habit! Star_black_half
It's Tough to Be a Bug! Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Kali River Rapids Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Kilimanjaro Safaris Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Maharajah Jungle Trek Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Meet Favorite Disney Pals at Adventurers Outpost Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black_half
Pangani Forest Exploration Trail Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Primeval Whirl Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
The Boneyard Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
TriceraTop Spin Star_blackStar_black
Wilderness Explorers Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Wildlife Express Train: Africa Station Star_blackStar_black
Wildlife Express Train: Rafiki's Planet Watch Station Star_blackStar_black

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