This area is to the right of the big blue sorcerer's hat in the middle of the park. It holds two large theaters used for live stage shows, plus a separate attraction focusing on Disney animation. Spend any time here, and you'll slowly realize it's just a big swath of asphalt, and in desperate need of some landscaping or a water feature.


In 1989, the Studios were more than just a theme park. It was a real working studio with live production facilities as well as an animation studio. Films such as Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Brother Bear, and Home on the Range were produced in Florida. You used to be able to take a tour and watch animators working at their desks and an informative film that made every adult male in the audience sob uncontrollably. The architecture for this area is based on the work of Kem Weber, who designed Walt Disney's Burbank Studio (1939).