Islands of Adventure in The Lost Continent


Sandwiches, Pizza, Pastas, and Salads


Mythos is not a Greek restaurant, despite its name. Rather, like a typical Applebee's or Chili's, it serves a something-for-everyone menu including Italian risotto, Asian noodles, and Mexican fish tacos. Basic American steaks and burgers are also available.

Diners with dietary restrictions will be happy to see that Mythos has more options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diners than almost any other Universal restaurant.

We've tried almost everything on the menu, and nothing stands out as either great or terrible. Our usual advice in a situation such as this is to stick to appetizers and drinks, a less expensive option than a full meal with entree. Regarding price, Mythos is generally less expensive than most Disney theme park sit-down restaurants.

Outside the restaurant is a sign proclaiming Mythos was voted "best theme park restaurant." Read the fine print and you'll notice that the voting happened more than five years ago and was done by visitors to a theme park-centric website. Today, Mythos' rating on popular restaurant review websites such as Yelp wouldn't be enough to place it in the top 10 in Epcot, let alone all of Orlando. It's time to take down the sign.

Setting and Atmosphere

Diners are seated inside a replica of Greek caverns. Outside is a nice view of IOA's lagoon, framed by water cascading down from waterfalls on top of the restaurant.

Other Recommendations

A good place inside the park for appetizers and drinks.



Requires Credit Card to Reserve: No
Requires Pre-payment in Full: No

Universal Dining Plan

Accepts the Universal Dining Plan.