Most of our Magic Kingdom touring plans have average waits of 4 to 12 minutes per attraction!

Touring Plans for Parents with Small Children

We developed many of these plans when preparing to visit the parks with our own children (ages 2 through 8). Most plans offer a mid-day break of at least three hours back at your hotel. It's debatable whether the kids will need the nap more than you, but you'll thank us later, we promise.

Touring Plans for Parents with Tweens

These plans are designed for children ages 8 to 12. They include every attraction rated three stars and higher by this age group, and sets aside ample time for lunch and dinner.

Touring Plans for Adults

The one-day plans are designed for adults (and teens) wishing to see as much of the park as possible in a single day.

Touring Plans for Seniors

We offer touring plans specifically designed for seniors, including one just for grandparents with small children. If you like to get to the park early, virtually all of the plans designed to start at park opening are also designed to work during morning Extra Magic Hours.

Touring Plans for The Whole Family

These Touring Plans are designed for The Whole Family, which may include small children, tweens, teens, and even seniors!

Miscellaneous Touring Plans

A mixture of special Touring Plans, including Disney Cruise Line guests and attendees of the hard-ticket events Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

Ultimate Touring Plans

Have you ever wanted to experience every attraction in one day?

Personalized Touring Plans

Are none of our premium plans perfect for you? With Personalized Touring Plans, you choose a date, arrival time, set of attractions, and any breaks you require. Then let our optimization software determine the best order in which to experience what you chose!

Choosing The Right Magic Kingdom Touring Plan For You

If you have two days (or two mornings) at the Magic Kingdom, our two-day touring plans are by far the most relaxed and efficient. Most two-day plans take advantage of early morning, when lines are short and the park hasn't filled with guests. These plans work well year-round and eliminate much of the extra walking required by the one-day plans. No matter when the park closes, our two-day plans guarantee the most efficient touring and the least time in lines. The plans are perfect for guests who wish to sample both the attractions and the atmosphere of the Magic Kingdom.

If you have only one day but wish to see as much as possible, use the one-day touring plans. They're exhausting, but they pack in the maximum. If you prefer a more relaxed visit, try the late-arrival touring plans. They include the best the park has to offer (in our opinion), eliminating some less impressive attractions.

If your party consists of teens or teens and adults, start with the adult touring plans. Teens and adults almost always rate an attraction within one-half a star on our five-star scale, and the touring plans for both groups would be essentially the same.

If you have children younger than age 8, use the one-day touring plans for parents with small children. They're a compromise, blending the preferences of younger children with those of older siblings and adults. The plans include many children's rides in Fantasyland but omit roller-coaster rides because of height requirements. Or, use the touring plans for adults, and take advantage of switching off, a technique where children accompany adults to the loading area of a ride with age and height requirements but don't board.

The Dumbo-or-Die Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children is a two-day version of the (in)famous single-day plan from the book. It's a more relaxed, but still designed for parents who will withhold no sacrifice for the children. On the Dumbo-or-Die plans, adults generally stand around, sweat, wipe noses, pay for stuff, and watch the children enjoy themselves. It's great.

Our website also offers specific plans for families with children of all different ages, from pre-school through teens. These "Happy Family" touring plans allow the older children to separate (briefly) from the parents to ride roller coasters, before meeting up with the rest of the family again. We've also got touring plans for Disney Cruise guests, folks with just a morning or afternoon to spare, and many other variations. If you don't see a plan that covers your needs, drop us a line and make a suggestion.