Listing our rating (or the author's rating) of each attraction at Typhoon Lagoon. Five stars is highest rating. Click on the "Attraction Name" and "Our Rating" headers to sort the list.

Our Rating of Typhoon Lagoon Attractions
Attraction Name Our Rating
Bay Slides Star_blackStar_black
Castaway Creek Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Crush 'n' Gusher Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Gang Plank Falls Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Humunga Kowabunga Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Keelhaul Falls Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Ketchakiddie Creek Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Mayday Falls Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Shark Reef Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
Storm Slides Star_blackStar_blackStar_black
Surf Pool Star_blackStar_blackStar_blackStar_black
The Mountain Trail Star_blackStar_black

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